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Shoutcast voting system (RIP)

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  • Shoutcast voting system (RIP)

    Hello, in the past certains members had managed to make a voting system (like and dislike) which displayed the title of the week and which gives the ranking on a specific page.

    Now Shoucast use GUID and not Stream ID anymore, all this no longer works, the same goes for the great site "".

    How could we update this script to accept GUIDs instead of Stream ID? Should will be start by zero again or do a big update.

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    find out who made the script and ask them to change the script or make a new one yourself.
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      I have the sources, but I can't code...


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        put the source somewhere i can access it (github or something) and i can have a look...

        im not sure what they are using to specify guid in stream urls since i can't easily find any current documentation (sigh)... my best guess is look in the urls for sid= and replace it with guid= (just a guess)


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          Hello, here are the sources of the script: