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    I'm new to shoutcast and I help a small local radio here in Luxembourg.
    They were still running on version 1.x without ssl and so no stream worked anmore directly on their page etc.
    So now I installed a version 2.x and I wanted to add metadata to the stream.

    I explain:
    The source is Barix Exstreamer 500 - This device takes the analog source and converts it to digital to send to shoutcast server and also sends it to the antenna.
    So of course there is no metadata inserted.

    But I saw on another page that they add the metadata to our stream and so some sort of song recognition must be run on their server.

    Does anybody here know how that could work? Has a script, programm or whatever?
    The played music is also written in a log file on the speaker side...
    I have the shoutcast server running under Linux.

    Any idea would be welcome

    Thank you so far