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Need front end with audio compressor/limiter

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  • Need front end with audio compressor/limiter

    I'm still using sc_trans as my front end for sc_serv on Ubuntu, it churns through the playlist of MP3 files reliably and it's super easy to set up; I've been using it since about 2014.

    I now want to change to a different "front end" one that will offer some audio processing, in particular I want compressor-limiter function to bring all the tracks volume level to a standard level.

    I've looked at LiquidSoap and I know it could work except I've never been able to get it working for me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Only thing I can think of is to run Winamp under Wine if you have a GUI desktop which can source a SHOUTcast stream through a myriad of plugins. Of course you will need to install a slurry of additional plugins to get the desired effects. If you go this route, don't install modern skin support, it doesn't work under Wine (last time I tried, which was eons ago.)
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      Winamp / WINE

      Thanks. I have considered this. I doubt that using winamp / wine as a front end will be reliable enough. And I don't currently have a GUI shell installed, though I could.

      Using sc_trans as the "front end" I can go six months without having to look at the server. It just WORKS.

      Unless I find another alternative, I am going to have to bring in someone who can help me get LiquidSoap to run. It's not impossible, I'm sure - just beyond my level of Linux skill and patience.

      I got an instance of LiquidSoap to run - fulfilled all the mad dependencies - but although there was an instance running I could not get it to actually connect to sc_serv, no matter what I did. So I got close, but there were no cigars.