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SHOUTCasting through a Linksys Cable/DSL Router for Dummies

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  • SHOUTCasting through a Linksys Cable/DSL Router for Dummies

    First, we have to make some changes to our network setup. We can't use DHCP and forward ports at the same time, so we'll have to assign IP addresses to all the computers on our network.

    To begin, we need some info from the router. We'll log into the web-based interface for our router. The default address is Enter your password and click the "Status" tab. Now make note of your listed DNS servers under the WAN Section. These will be important in getting our computers behind the router to connect to the Internet once we assign IPs to them.

    Next, click the "DHCP" tab. Here we need to ensure that DHCP server is set to "Disable". Click the radio button next to "Disable" and click "Apply". This is will ensure that our port forwarding works.

    Now to assign IP addresses on most Windows boxes goto Control Panel and open Network Properties or Network and Dial-up Connections. Here we'll see a listing of network components. The one we're interested in in is the one called "TCP/IP -> <network card>" where <network card> is the network card connected to the router (usually the only network card in the system). Double-click this entry.

    Various versions of Windows look quite different here. First you want to find the option for "Specify and IP Address" and turn that on. That will activate several fields for IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. The Subnet Mask should be in most cases. Default Gateway should be the address of your router on our LAN, by default. The IP Address should be 192.168.1.x where x is a different number for each computer on our network. We'll assign to the computer running SHOUTCast server.

    Now we need to setup our DNS server addresses. These are the computers that translate the domain names humans use into the IP addresses that computers use. In Windows 2000 these settings will be directly below where you set you IP address. In most other verisons you'll find them on the "DNS" tab. Make sure that "Enable DNS" is checked and fill in the address we got from the router earlier in the space provided. When we have the first one entered we'll click "Add" and repeat the process for the second and, if it exists, the third. In Windows 2000 we'll just have two boxes to fill in and no "Add" button.

    Now we click "Ok" and close Networking Properties and restart Windows.

    Next we have to log into the web-based interface for our router again to set up the port forwarding.

    Click the "Advanced" tab and then click the "Forwarding" tab. We'll see a series of rows with two fields seperated by "To" labled "Ext. Port", a drop box with entries for TCP, UDP, and Both, and a place for an IP address. If you have a later firmware on your router you may have check-boxes for TCP and UDP, a filed labled "Customized Applications", and a check-box labled "Enable".

    We want to set the "Ext. Port" range to the ports our SHOUTCast server will be working on. If we left the port assignments in the server config at their defaults these will be 8000 for connections and 8001 for the source stream, so we'll enter "8000" in the first port field and "8001" in the second port field. We will enable both TCP and UDP. In the case of the earlier firmware just select "Both" from the drop box. With the later firmware check both the TCP and UDP check-boxes. For IP Address we want to enter the IP address of the computer our SHOUTCast server is running on, if you were following the directions above. If you have the newer firmware be sure to check "Enable" and you don't have to worry about "Customized Applications" Click apply and you're done!

    Alternativly, instead of setting port forwarding you clould just put your SHOUTCast server in the DMZ. This is less secure as it exposes all ports on the machine. To do this, click the "Advanced" tab in the router config and then click "DMZ Host". In the space provided enter the IP address of the SHOUTCast server, in the previous example, and click apply.

    Hope this helps out.


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    I followed exactly what you said for every part...

    When I restarted the computer, and went to do the final step, I didnt get the same screen you seem to have (where you set the port for 8000 or 8001). My screen has a lot of ports assigned to 0, with a ~ in between.

    So it says
    etc. You can change the #, so I changed the 1st to 8000 and 2nd to 8001

    I couldn't use the internet, no pages would load or anything. (has nothing to do with that last step, its the settings in Control Panel, cause when I changed them and rebooted I could get online again.)
    Even when I typed 8000~8001, before changing the settings back to normal, Shoutcast server just kept saying a different error message:
    [yp_add] error resolving
    instead of the usual
    [yp_add] gave error ()

    So its still an error message... just different...

    Well thanks for your help though.
    -Chris :-)
    [email protected]


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      That's because you altered the DNS wrongly, probably. Make sure you've entered your ISP's DNS server addresses correctly in the TCP/IP properties.

      If you specify ANYTHING in DNS other than a DNS server IP address, you will not be able to resolve any domain names (which is why you can't resolve


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        dunno... it got confusing cause i had a different version, I dont have the latest firmware either.

        My dad is scared that we will be disconnected if OptimumOnline senses that we have 2 ips. I disagree, theres thousands of people, they wont notice 1 internal IP change, plus im not changing anything...
        but I cant do this again until tommorrow anyway, cause hes on his computer.

        Ill try to convince him to let me update the firmware and try again tomorrow...
        I hope it works then

        -Chris :-)


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          I wouldn't worry to much about being disconnected. It is pretty hard for the ISP to ping you behind a firewall. Also, the router should assign only 1 ip address for your network. No need to worry about 2 ip's. Also, I think Optimum-Online is through Cablevision (not for sure though). Cablevision is synonymous with retardation. No worries.


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            If you're using a router, you're only using 1 IP. The 192.168.x.x IPs are internal IP addresses and have nothing to do with your ISP.


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              Thank you SO much TechnoCrat.

              I just downloaded the firmware, and your guide works perfectly, I finally got it working.

              I dunno if it already is, but you should mention in the guide first to update firmware, as older versions cant even do what your guide says (at least mine couldn't)

              Thanks again.
              -Chris :-)


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                OK, I've had to set up port forwarding and a static IP to play some games, so I've had all that stuff set up and working for a while.

                I set up port forwarding for ports 8000-8001 to go to my machine, and started everything up and running. When I went to test it out from another machine, though, I timed out trying to connect. I'm connecting to the router's IP address (the one it pulls down from my ISP) and port 8000, so it end up looking like: (not the real IP, just similar). Still, nothing. I've tried setting my PC up in the DMZ, as well, but with the same results. I'm using BellSouth as my ISP, does that make a difference? I can still connect to the internet, and all my games that need port forwarding to connect to the game servers work fine, so I know both forwarding and my static IP are working correctly. Help!


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                  If you are trying to connect with a lan machine, use the lan ip of the server instead of the real ip.


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                    I don't undrstand IP adress

                    No entiendo muy bien tus instrucciones, (¿sera por el idioma?).
                    ¿Puedes ayudarme?, no importa si es en ingles, por favor dime que puedo hacer, ¿si?. ¡Mis amigos no me escuchan!.
                    Tengo ya instalados el Shoutcast Server y el Plugin en una PC con Windows ME y cablemodem Surfboard 4100.
                    Estos son los datos:

                    Mi direccion IP publica es

                    En propiedades de la red no tengo activado DNS, puerta de enlace y Servidor DHCP;

                    En winipcfg.exe me entrega esta informacion:
                    Servidor DNS
                    Direccion IP
                    Puerta de enlace

                    y el monitor de Shoutcast:

                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:45> [SHOUTcast] DNAS/win32 v1.8.9 (Mar 15 2002) starting up...
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [main] loaded config from C:\ARCHIVOS DE PROGRAMA\SHOUTCAST\SC_SERV.ini
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [main] initializing (usermax:16 portbase:8000)...
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [main] No ban file found (sc_serv.ban)
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [main] No rip file found (
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [main] opening source socket
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [main] source thread starting
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [main] opening client socket
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [source] listening for connection on port 8001
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [main] Client Stream thread [0] starting
                    <05/29/[email protected]:55:46> [main] client main thread starting
                    <05/29/[email protected]:56:32> [source] connected from
                    <05/29/[email protected]:56:32> [source] icy-name:Prueba ; icy-genre:Unknown Genre
                    <05/29/[email protected]:56:32> [source] icy-pub:0 ; icy-br:32 ; icy-url:
                    <05/29/[email protected]:56:32> [source] icy-irc: ; icy-icq: ; icy-aim:

                    Espero me puedas ayudar, muchas gracias.


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                      sadly this sint working
                      i followed the instructions to a T
                      my internet works but the stream will not connect

                      i tried to update my firmware but it wont conenct to the router which is wierd because i can connect through the web thing
                      someone PLEASE help


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                        ok nwo i got it to connect
                        but it says invalid image


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                          Just a note ... I have a Linksys router and found that I did NOT have to go through assigning IP addresses and DSN addresses as the original doco states. In other words, I was able to continue using DHCP (which I have setup to assign local addresses starting at - so, I do know the local address of my machines - I just didn't have to hardcode them into Windows networking setup). Of course, I still had to set up the port forwarding of ports 8000-8001, but since I know the local address DHCP assigns to my Winamp streaming machine, I was able to keep DHCP active. Just wanted to pass this on in case anyone else wanted to avoid turning off DHCP.


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                            ISP's cache

                            Hi all

                            Any thoughts about how to negotiate my ISP's (NTL in UK) cache? Any better ports to try?

                            <08/30/[email protected]:14:34> [yp_add] gave error (nak)
                            <08/30/[email protected]:14:34> [yp_add] gave extended error (Cannot see your station/computer (IP: from the Internet, disable NAT/firewall/ISP cache (Connection refused))

                            The above IP address is the web cache.




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                              kk, I did everything exactly as said, rebooted, didn't have a connection, put some info in the TCP/IP that I forgot, rebooted, got my net connection back, but Shoutcast STILL won't connect! I've been at it for an hour and a half. I put in my IP address in the Address box as assigned in the TCP/IP settings and port number (assigned to 8000, port forwarding on the Router set to 8000 to 8001 and also set to the IP addy I gave this PC), and still nothing. I tried throwing my IP addy in the DMZ host and it still won't connect. What am I doing wrong here?!?