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Direct Broadcast Mode without Relaying

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  • Direct Broadcast Mode without Relaying

    We have the lastest version of Shoutcast running on linux in streaming mode (not relaying) and want to do the following:

    (1) Put a bunch of MP3 files in the content directory.

    (2) Create an ordered playlist of the files.

    (3) When folks connect to the server, they will here the preset playlist with all the songs in the directory.

    However, when we set up the server, it only allowed 'one song at a time' to be played.

    Did we miss something? Or is relay mode the only way to do this?


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    Solved this by going to:

    (1) ICECAST &
    (2) SHOUT

    Directions very clear, installed in less time than waiting try to get shoutcast to work. I recommend linux users go to icecast
    and not use shoutcast; the stepup is clear, easy to use, and robust.


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      Icecast is fairly gay, and doesn't list on where there is a larger listener base.

      as for the main thread.

      Ok on demand only streams a single file, that's what it's there for.

      You could use the intro play facility, append all the files into one mp3 and set that as the intro, then set a maximum listen time equal to the lenght of the super mp3, listeners can tune into your station, listen once, then they get dropped.

      That will possibly acheive the desired effect.

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