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  • mp3 file names

    Hi. I have a station [], anyways when i play mp3's i got from Napster or something, the file names appear correctly. But when I use the mp3's I got from some cd's I have, they don't show the name, just Unknown Artist - Untitled track. I named them and everything, but they still won't show. Any help? Thanks so much.

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    Well, that's kind of a pisser. Most rippers hook up to CDDB to get track names and stuff for you. Anyway, you need to fill in the info in the ID3 tags, not just rename the files. Load them into the Winamp playlist editor, and go through each one by right clicking on the title and selecting "File Info". You can then fill in whatever information you want.


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      Try MP3 Tag Studio, available here:

      I have used this software quite a bit, and it's very easy to use. It will easily solve the problem you mention, and you will only have to spend about 30 seconds to do it as compared to hours the other way! You can edit the file name or the tag or both at the same time if you want. All the options you ever will need are included.

      I'm sure there is other SW out there that is similar, but I have used this a lot with zero complaints.


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        in winamp highlight the song in the playlist then hit alt-3 and add the name to the file