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what does "ICY 200 OK" mean? - help

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  • what does "ICY 200 OK" mean? - help

    what does "ICY 200 OK" mean?
    A couple of listeners are telling me they cannot hear my stream, they get says: "ICY 200 OK"

    what do you guys think?

    tell me if YOU can hear it...

    dj iss

    aim djiss2000

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    I receive an ICY 200 OK message and no sound.

    Also, I tried going to your server at (from your pls file ) to give it a look see, but nothing came up.

    Do you have any errors in the logs?

    Have you used the search tool using 'ICY 200 OK' yet? I think this issue came up before. Not sure if it was solved, though.


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      ICY 200 OK means that everything is okay... the user can connect there is music to broadcast etc. This should be followed with data specify the name, genre, url, bitrate, meta-interval, etc. and then finally the actual mp3 stream. If it seems to get stuck on ICY 200 I would think it is a bandwidth issue. Does it only happen when there are a large number of listeners tuned in? If they wait 5 minutes can they tune in?


      BTW I had no problem listening to the stream.