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MIC Voice OVERs and SoundBlaster 16

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  • MIC Voice OVERs and SoundBlaster 16

    Hello Music fans. I have been working on starting my own station here for a little bit. One problem i am having is that i cant do Voice Overs with advanced featuers on the source plugin. I have a Soundblaster 16 sound card. IT supports Full Duplex like the README file that comes with the plugin says and as the hardware site says. Im sure its not the NULLSOFT has told me in an e-mail I sent. Would anyone have any ideas? What seems to be when i turn on advanced settings...Just my mic transfers to the listeners. No MP3 Audio. I can hear it fine! Listeners only get what i say through my mic. Thanks for your time, and i really hope we can get this fugured out! it would be very much good to have for my station =)


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    did u find an answer

    Hi !

    I'm trying to solve the same problem. Have u found anything that works? I m using a SB 1024, and its the same bad story.


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      Try downloading the latest drivers. If that doesn't work, go pick up a Soundblaster Live Value card, that should fix your problem.


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        SB 16


        Never heard of any real good luck with Voice Overs and Mic Controls with SB16. But I agree with the post of, try downloading the latest drivers. This may help you out. But like I stated before, never heard of any success with this setup. G'luck!

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