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Volume of the ads is too high!

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  • Volume of the ads is too high!

    I have a request: could you correct the volume of the ads or give a tool in the RMO to control that ? You can see on this pic how higher is the ads' volume (especially the french ones) compared to my program (soundtracks / classical music) ;
    it's a real problem for my listeners, and I'd like to give them a better listening experience !
    On my side, volume is at his highest.
    Thanks for your reply !

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    Matching Classical Volumes

    Thanks for your post and suggestion, Chris.

    As you know, classical broadcasters like yourself have more of a challenge when it comes to matching the level of the commercials. The ads that which are part of SHOUTcast monetization service are the same TargetSpot ads which are played by thousands of other AM/FM and internet stations around the world, so they are well produced and normalized to the levels expected by these broadcasters. However we are always looking for ways to make our system sound even better.

    In the meantime, I will contact you via our email support system and work with you individually to help match the ad volume on your stream.


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      Thank you for all your help JW !


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        Volume of Ads

        Good morning! I found this thread and want to add to it since I'm experiencing the same issue. I just began streaming and am still in test mode figuring out how to set up smooth transitions between audio elements. I'm about to dive into adjusting the mix pointers on each audio file. One issue I can't seem to control is the volume of the ads. They are considerable louder. The experience is abrupt. My voice tracks are also loud and I am adjusting those in my studio. Is there a reason for this or a work around. I think the music I've encoded and uploaded is at a good volume and comparable with what I hear on other streams. Is it a function of the RM compression. I have both RM and Live compression toggled on. I have not tested live streaming yet. Just scratching my head on this one. Thank you for any advice you may have.



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          Targetspot's commercials don't have the same loudness

          I struggle with the fact that the monitize Ad replacement works well, but the commercials vary greatly in volume.

          In other words, Targetspot's commercials don't have the same sound. One spot plays loudly and the next way too quiet. So that almost nothing can be heard.
          So they are not normalized to a certain db volume.

          This is not good for us as a radio producer/listener, but also not good for shoutcast/targetspot and its revenue.
          This is very disturbing.
          Can this be reported somewhere so that all commercials play at least as loud as possible?
          It is mainly the Flemish radio spots that I can hear.


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            Originally Posted by rolradio View Post
            Can this be reported somewhere so that all commercials play at least as loud as possible?
            It is mainly the Flemish radio spots that I can hear.
            you can send a ticket to shoutcast about this.
            login into radiomanager and you will find in the top right corner FAQ and Support
            latest version of Winamp
            DSP Plug V2.41
            Language Packs


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              This question has been asked before at Radionomy and has not been changed.
              It's kind of a tactic to make advertising seem louder.

              Are Commercials Louder Than Regular Programming?   When commercial break starts do you always dive for the remote to turn down the volume?