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shoutcast/radio nomy service hack?

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  • shoutcast/radio nomy service hack?

    hi there :-) i am an avid music lover, and i listen to a lot of shout cast stations using

    But, i noticied something strange recently on a station called "party vibe" in the directory;- i know quite a few stations will fake their stats (not that i have much idea about how they do that, only that you can tell by downloading the PLS/M3U file from the directory and checking the links listed and see if it matches the displayed about). Anyway, that's that what is strange; here's what is:

    In the PLS/M3U file from the directory it shows this to be their server:

    So, since it is radionomy I think to myself "wow, these stats are real!", but just out of curiousity I manaully visited that link, but weirdly it didn't start the stream, it took me to a different server:

    What?! I thought that if it was radio nomy, then they couldn't fake the stats, so I dont get how come they have managed to trick the radio nomy platform to redirect people to their stream with their faked stats.

    It just stricks me as really odd that they managed to do this, I am wondering if the radio nomy system is showing them having lots and lots of listeners on there too, when you can obviously see that their server isn't doing very many at all.

    Anyway, just thought I would raise it in case there was something untoward going on?

    Many thanks,


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    it's a known bug with the version of the DNAS being used in relation to Radionomy platform integration and will not be fixed until a newer DNAS is released (that is still be worked on -as the numbers are wrong due to the DNAS sending the wrong information which is covered by point #1 from and the station updates the DNAS (when the new version is released). and the listing itself is a bit of a weird one but is working correctly (albeit with the bad data from the DNAS for the stats).
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      ohh ok great at least you guys know about it, thank you for your response