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How to stream without monetization?

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  • How to stream without monetization?

    So, been streaming on shoutcast for a bit now, but with the new website redesign and the managing of authhashes through the website, it required me to reregister (i think, it wouldn't take my old authhash without any fuss or saying it needed an update)

    So i get the conformation email today, and I see that i've been authorized for DNAS with monetization, when i never consciously signed up for monetization.

    My question is how do i change it so that I don't have monetization on my stream? can i just get away with not playing adverts? or will that make me become de-listed from the directory after 30 days? is there a setting that I can change or will i have to recreate my radio station?


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    No, there's no setting.
    And yes, you can "just get away with not playing adverts" (for DNAS stations, not for Streaming Service stations).

    For DNAS, monetization is not mandatory.
    You can choose to either trigger the ads and generate revenue, or not.
    Your station will not be affected in any way whatsoever if you don't trigger ads.

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