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Shoutcast expands its monetization program for Latin America

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  • Shoutcast expands its monetization program for Latin America

    Hello Today When Opening My E-Mail I Deposed With The Next Message From The Shoutcast:

    Hi eutonagospel,

    We're pleased to announce the broadening of our monetization network to The Americas with an expansion to Latin America.

    In addition to North America (United States and Canada) and Europe we're broadening our horizons by offering our monetization program to the Latin American broadcasting community. This makes broadcasters in Latin American countries including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru among others eligible for monetization.

    To learn more about the monetization program, check our FAQ and tutorial or watch our video here.


    Does This Mean That It Is Running Or Will It Still Work Here In Brazil?
    Because when I opened the RMO and the Taget Spot Site I saw nothing talking about it over there.
    Remembering I'm Brazilian, I would be very happy if it worked here.

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    Tem que Esperar um pouco....


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      I sent an e-mail to them, they told me that soon the ads will be available in Brazil, I hope this brief is soon ... rsss