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Poor quality service ... just me?

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  • Poor quality service ... just me?

    I have been experiencing problems for several months with Shoutcast, and would like to know if it's just me that I'm going through.

    I have 3 streaming streams contracted with them, and they all make quick music noises, jumping like the audio has a problem.

    Has anyone been through this these past few months?

    The justification they gave me was because of the migration of users from the radionomy platform, but I don't think that is a plausible excuse.

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    I use SHOUTcast on my Linux server and have no problems with the music quality, only with other things like advertising.


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      LStratmann, I have hired Shoutcast Business, I don't have the license installed on my own server, you know?

      I use their proprietary service and have been experiencing a chronic problem with them that has not been resolved for more than 1 month...

      So I keep paying something and what I get in return is a deplorable delivery quality ... my average time was 48 minutes of connection, and in 1 month dropped to 15 minutes ... we struggled so hard to build a robust audience, and a problem like this comes and destroys it all ...

      And nobody solves anything, absolutely nothing ...

      There are several emails sent to the Shoutcast team, and no solution...


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        Listen and see what I've been doing for more than months with Shoutcast:



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          Unfortunately we cannot help you in the forum, because only SHOUTcast has access to their server.


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            One more reason why I am extremely dissatisfied!

            A company with this market reputation, with a nut delivery like this ...

            Worst of all, I pay monthly, practically $ 50 a month for not having a service delivered accordingly.

            The reason for this post is to record my indignation here and to know if only I am going through this counter time.


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              But I am not yet aware of such a problem either.
              Currently I only know the problems of other customers and me, that the advertising doesn't work or doesn't work properly, the support doesn't even answer and only promotes the big stations.


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                Support (Dj Egg) already answered me ... said that the problem is due to the end of Radionomy ... but it has been over 3 weeks and the problem persists.

                Impossible not to solve something after 1 month... even more such a company.

                I'm monetizing my streams, but I haven't got results yet ... if that doesn't work either, unfortunately I'm leaving Shoutcast ...

                What pisses me off is that I will have to re-register my streams on all radio seekers where I have my radio registered ...


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                  You can look up your advertising revenue via the panel.
                  You can find the panel at:


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                    Yes, I have access to this panel, but the "revenue" tab does not appear to me.

                    According to the targetspot expert, it only appears for "big seasons" as you mentioned ...



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                      Good morning,
                      You must select a country, then you will see your earnings.


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                        Yes I have to say the service is really poor quality. I didn't subscribe for Shoutcast for Business but was thinking about it as I have several issues with the Shoutcast DNAS. Instead of helping, emails to the support are being ignored or here in the forum I am told to shut up and I should subscribe for a business plan if I'm not able to run an own server.

                        Ads are not running correctly, AAC+ streams break and report a license error. Not satisfying at all.


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                          SHOUTcast for Linux unfortunately has a lot of disadvantages, so on the one hand I don't use AAC and on the other hand I wrote an email to Targetspot asking if it is possible to get a server from him. But with this I don't mean SHOUTcast for Business I mean the service of Targetspot.


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                            An own Targetspot Server would indeed be interesting however I don't think that will be possible or that simple. Or alternatively give us an Icecast plugin ;-)


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                              It would be really interesting.
                              An Icecast plugin would simplify the whole thing of course, but Targetspot would never do that, otherwise everyone would leave SHOUTcast. :P