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  • Planner Generated But No Stream

    I've been wrestling with trying to get my stream up and running since I signed up for the trial. It expired yesterday. I'm paying now and still haven't been able to stream. I emailed support at first but haven't heard from them for several days so I thought I'd see if someone on the form might offer some guidance. Superior Sounds Radio.
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    I signed up for business because I want to be able to stream live from my studio interfaced with MIXXX and then flip to server based automation when I'm to live. Business seemed like it could do that for me. Since then I've read from many on the forum that there is a common issue with streaming failing after switching back to automation/planner. And rebooting to get it to work can only be done once every 24 hours. That seems a bit limiting for this purpose. So, I'm wondering if this is a common problem or one that should be fixed.

    I initially uploaded all my audio encoded for 192kbps because that is what I was going to set my stream at. I completed a dozen different boxes for different genres, clocks for common day parts, day templates for week days, Saturday and Sunday. Then I successfully generated a planner. stream. I noticed that the stream was set for 128 even though I had set it for 192. This concerned me. I deactivated the planner and had to wait 24 hours before trying again. I changed it to 192 with the same result. I asked us support and was told the stream with business is limited to 128. I rebooted. No stream. I then asked support if I needed to recode all my audio to 128. They didn't respond. So I did, not knowing if it was going to work. I'm now on my 4th reboot without being able to stream. It's frustrating being limited to 24 hour windows when rebooting and then trying to trouble shoot not knowing what the problem is. The guidance found in the manual does nothing to provide information on the technical aspects of ensuring you configure properly for streaming I'm hoping someone here can help me out. Thanks so very much!!!


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    I restarted your radio, it's playing fine now.


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      Fantastic!! Thank you for the quick reply!! Much appreciated!!