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Silence in Shoutcsat RMO Playlists

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  • Silence in Shoutcsat RMO Playlists

    How can I correct this issue of silence around Targetspots? Most often silence occurs after Targetspot and continues until the currently scheduled track ends. Sound then normally resumes at the start of the next scheduled track.

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    Shoutcast RMO Silent

    Shoutcast RMO is silent again for Radio Rock UK.
    The same issue seems to be the problem: tracks don't add up to the exact time period between Targetspots. How can this be fixed? Shoutcast server configure the Playlist. From Radionomy experience it is not good to manually reconfigure track order.
    So again Shotcast is creating silence when skipping a track or after Targetspot skipping the next assigned track and going to silence until the following track.
    How can this be corrected, Anyone?