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Impossible to upload more than 3000 songs/tracks ?

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  • Impossible to upload more than 3000 songs/tracks ?

    Hello everyone,

    i searched in the forum(s) and found nothing about a possible limitation for tracks to be uploaded, that's why i'm asking the question here :

    Is there a limit of tracks (songs + jingles, ...) for each radio ? I can't add more than 3000 mp3 tracks on my radio, it's a curious thing.

    What about you? Does anyone have the same problem ? is there a way to increase the number of tracks to upload ? Or is it normal ?

    My used storage is at 75%, so the problem does not seem to come from this point.

    Thanks a lot for your help, and have nice and sunny holidays !


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    up !


    Of course, there's nobody behind support@shoutcast, so i try to have an answer here... Maybe one of the 267 readers of this post have the answer ? Maybe YOU ?

    Do you know if there is a limitation of files/songs for SC4B ? if yes, is there a solution ?

    A real "Thank you" in advance for the one who's got the answer !
    And a virtual kiss !



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      I've put the question to the Shoutcast team, as soon as there is an answer I'll post it here.


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        Thanks Nosti ! Fortunately you are here... Always !


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          And I have an answer.

          Normally the limit of 3000 tracks only applies to migrated radionomy accounts that are still in their “free” period.
          Investigating the case now.

          So I assume that it will be okay.


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            Thank you Nosti.
            Yes, i was from Rdny. I imagined a problem like this...
            But my free period is finished, and as of today, i confirm that i am stuck at 3000 tracks, and i can't add 1 more...

            other question : do you know why the shoutcast team gives you the answer, and why i didn't have any, whereas i sent them some emails about that ? it would be easier for them to answer directly !
            Or they use you as a filter ?
            2 times in the year i had a problem, 2 times you gave me the answer. and 2 times i received an email from the team 3 months later to ask me if i always had the problem...
            I don't understand how they work ....

            anyway, thanks again to be here
            Waiting for the investigation !