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Will be emailing this to support every day until fixed!

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  • Will be emailing this to support every day until fixed!

    Below is what I will be emailing to support everyday until it is fixed. I am now paying for the Shoutcast service so I would expect things to work and I would expect to hear back when I contact them


    I have emailed you a few times since start of November about this issue and have heard nothing. So, I will be messaging everyday until someone responds and fixes the issue

    When I click monetize in the radiomanager, I proceed to click accept the T&Cs followed by linking my paypal. This then does NOT save and reverts back to the original page. Therefore ads have stopped playing on station.

    Please look into this or I will be leaving as I am now paying for your service and I expect things to work!

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    Unfortunately, you will not receive an answer from support here. The only option is really [email protected].


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      and that is why this thread is locked before the spammers can find it.

      latest version of Winamp
      DSP Plug V2.41
      Language Packs


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        Give it some time, I'm going to approach the team about it, but some of them are on vacation now.