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Requests v Impressions v Allocations v Fill Rate

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  • Requests v Impressions v Allocations v Fill Rate


    I started using Targetspot Monetisation Programme since mid January.

    I have a healthy listenership so wanted to give this a try. I have a question. In certain countries inlcuding UK I get a substantial number of requests, however, impressions and allocations is a very small percentage compared to requests. That also applies to fill rate. Fill rate is not bad in a few territories but because allocations are so small it doesn't seem to make much difference when it comes to earnings so far.

    Why would there be so many requests and not many impressions?

    And, how can I turn requests into healthy impressions / allocations / fill rate?

    In other words, how can I get ads to be heard more often?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Hi. Anyone has any thoughts on the matter?