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TargetSpot missing payments and no communications

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  • TargetSpot missing payments and no communications

    I have my streams connect to TargetSpot ad revenue for a few years.

    Targetspot have not answered most of my support requests to date.
    I'm using their ad revenue program a few years, for 11 shoutcast streams.

    You would think that they'd have some communication with you when you're
    making money with them through their own ad revenue program, not the case.

    They are really slow and still behind on payments, then payments stopped.

    They usually send you an invoice when a payment is made through paypal.
    A few months back I received an invoice saying they made a payment of 72$
    I have never received that payment, they never answered any of my emails.

    I'm disappointed because even small payments helped me cover server costs.

    I tried asking them if they have shut during covid, they haven't replied.

    If anyone knows an alternative service for shoutcast ad revenue, I'd love to know.
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    Shoutcast is dead.
    They owe us more than $45,000 from over 4 years.


    Send to your own Icecast2 server (or DNAS) -> Enter link in your Dashboard -> Use their link (re-stream) -> Be happy
    It's free to use.

    These are based upon Adswizz. Shoutcast too, but apparently someone else catching money from SC.


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      Thanks Hubu, checking it out, looks interesting.
      I don't think Shoutcast the technology is dead? thousands of stations still use it.

      Feels like I took the time to learn and integrate their tools and make both of us
      some money, and they wouldn't even take the time to respond to my messages.

      I wasn't earning much in ad revenue, it went on streaming costs each month.
      But if communications are lacking and payments not being made on time or at all.
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        they suspended my stream from participating in Monetization. My stream receives so much traffic that they called it an anomaly. I assume the scanned my server & magically determined that my AutoDJ was a music player running silently in the background. tisk tisk tisk....


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          The same thing they don't even deliver ads as to the listeners and never seen a payment when they did, it's been two years running ADs with them. Countless unanswered support tickets have let me believe that the company dismantled and one guy is hanging on to it by a string. The stats on the dashboard has been down for a month with again no response but hey they continue to take the money. They charge monthly for this feature and it's not even working. SMH.


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            Sadly, I confirm: lately no payments from TargetSpot...


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              Hello there, radio editors

              Did anybody get payments?

              Advertisements/ Impressions are being sent by TargetSpot, filling ratio 99.98%... Never so high... but no payments for months.

              We are considering stopping playing impressions if things remain like that.

              Any feedback?


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                Hi yes i can confirm it's been months since my radio got a last payment from the US Target spot or EU Target spot we have stopped playing adverts now as it's just not worth the time. The fill rate had fallen very low my guess is due to the pandemic. But if things change in the future i might consider re-joining.


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                  I can confirm, no payment now for 6 months or more. I had deactivated advertising but about 1 month ago I reactivated it just to try, I must say that the earnings that had dropped a lot have risen again (the problem is that the eventual payment will be there maybe after 4 months ..., continue to be all very virtual)


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                    targetspot pay

                    Hi, targetspot is starting to pay off ... I got some money 20 days ago