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Impressive templates, player or site - what's possible?

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  • Impressive templates, player or site - what's possible?


    So I feel really stupid having to ask this, but having searched everywhere all night, I really need to know if there's a way.

    What I'm looking for is just some, ehrm, wicked/cool/special/flashy/stylish/... way to display a shoutcast radiostation on a single page. No full blown site, just a page, it's meant as a full page pop-up.

    This can be an impressive player with lots of nuts and bolts or a flash template, I don't care. I am asking this because:

    1. I can't find a decent player which really incorporates the whole deal (playlist, currently playing, online/offline etc.)
    2. I can find flashy flash site templates of course, but I can't get the shoutcast stream going on them. Having looked through these forums, it seems this isn't possible (yet)?

    Anyways, if I just have to be creative with some plugins and homemade html and flash, just say so. But asking can't hurt I figure.

    Thanks in advance! (And I'll keep an eye on the site to contribute now that I'm a member ;-) )