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how to make a website?

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  • how to make a website?

    is there a website that comes with the Shoutcast Server?
    where my listeners can hear me..

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    not that i know of, you pretty much have to do it yourself, i would do it but for a price and you will have to provide your own shoutcast server and webhost/domain


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      if you have a cheap $30 dedicated server box, with unlimited bandwidth, you can use and make a theme

      kind of how the shoutcast 2 control panel works, if you have limit cpu and bandwidth and only on 10mbs

      set the server source timeout to 2 mins or something so clients remain connected, if you ever change the schedule and need to restart the transcoder which creates the new XML and website schedule


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        German.. But good ;-)

        Deine eigene kostenlose Internetradio Homepage gibt es gratis samt .de Domain, Webspace, CMS und FTP Zugang nur bei Erstell deine Radio Webseite noch heute.

        If you have an Account there, you can Stream in 64kbit / 128kbit (some Products only allow 64kbit, other allow 128kbit!).

        And you`re Website can hostet there!


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          Hi, I just want to share my ideas in creating a website of your own. Actually doing one is a little daunting , I have seen it through my niece. However, According to her, there are now easy to use website builder in which you can update and can be made with no technical skills required. I think, it is really designed to beginners who are interested in making one. You may want to search it online also


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            Unable to find any mirror information for the "/version 2.2/" file. Please select another file.

            any one can help me ? to get old version v1.x.x


            i try to find NULL NUKE CMS v2.2 to download i got the info

            Title: NULL NUKE CMS v2.2 Multiple Vulnerabilities
            Advisory ID: ZSL-2014-5185
            Type: Local/Remote
            Impact: Spoofing, Exposure of System Information, Exposure of Sensitive Information, Manipulation of Data, Cross-Site Scripting, System Access
            Risk: (4/5)
            Release Date: 28.04.2014

            NULL-8x3-NUKE is a fast, powerful and secure cross platform CMS for windows and Linux using base or full drive paths.

            NULL NUKE CMS suffers from multiple remote vulnerabilities including Stored/Reflected XSS, SQL Injection, Arbitrary File Upload, RCE, Arbitrary File Deletion, Arbitrary File Access using absolute path and/or traversal, Open Redirection, Parameter Traversal, and Cross-Site Request Forgery.

            nullwanton -

            Affected Version
            2.2 and 2.1 rc3

            Tested On
            Apache/2.4.7 (Win32)
            MySQL 5.6.14

            Vendor Status


            Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko Krstic - <[email protected]>

            Please Update and fix the Multiple Vulnerabilities



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              how to make a website


              It there a proven and tested way to make money online without running website or blog?


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                Shoutcast is its own standalone server, you can get away with hosting shoutcast on the same machine as your website host if it's bound to a non-standard port (which it does by default) and set up properly. You probably won't find anything that does both for you unless you set it up.

                For example I host shoutcast on my own computer, scripted my own cloud server for my website and then used tunein for an embedded player.

                If that's something you'd like I am a web developer.
                What I do with SHOUTcast otherwise on TuneIn