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  • Metadata for Shoutcast Audio Stream

    I am looking for some help. Which is the nice way of saying, I am lost.

    I am a front end designer and developer working on a site for an internet radio broadcast. I have a new player put up that doesn't look like 1997 spit it out, but I wanted to update the now playing section.

    They were using amptracker- but they were grandfathered into a free service of it. So I can't alter the output code at all, so I can't change it.

    I figured I would just write some code to pull the metadata and I'm finding it to be considerably more complicated than I expected.

    I am trying to pull Album Art, Track Name and Artist Name.

    Is there any prebaked solution out there, or can anyone help or point me to some help for this problem?



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    I'd have to assume they're using a v1 based DNAS and so album art is not viable from it, you'd need to use an external service lookup.

    there's 2 ways to get the stream metadata, either connect to the stream and extract it from there (which would just be a string you need to split up) or query the DNAS via its admin / public methods e.g. 7.html
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      For albumart you need to first extract the iDtags/Meta from the stream
      look it up in some database...then present the correct album-art pic.
      Problem will be that you probably dont have the album art yourself.

      Existing solutions are to signup as affiliate with:


      they provide scripts that will allow you to show
      album-art (from their own huge database)
      it will also include "buy this " buttons.
      which can get you some small revenue.

      I recently found a 3rd party (paid) service that will do this for you
      so no need to sign up with Amazon or iTunes yourself
      I have no experience with them..their page is UGLY but the info looks fine:

      Since its not that could do a 1 month tryout.
      (i wouldn´t mind hearing from you how it went)


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        My problem is...the client is tight on budget. And I fear they won't go for the $10 a month for marci (though it looks gorgeous).

        I will look into the affiliate programs.

        As for pulling from the stream- that is honestly something I'm clueless about. Are there any resources you can point to that might help me figure out how to pull that info and parse it? I want to learn, I just can't seem to find the resources for this.

        They are running on V2 I believe (at least that's what I had to use on the Marci Demo).

        For the sake of helping me with an example (if anyone is inclined) the ip is;

        Thanks for your quick responses!


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          you can get the current song from accessing /currentsong?sid=1 on the DNAS and as long as they format things consistently you should be able to get things from there.

          if not, then there's all of the methods detailed on on what and how to query from the DNAS.
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            I guess my question would be on parsing and compiling the info.

            I was able to pull some bare bones info with this script...

            <script>window.jQuery || document.write('<script src=""><\/script>')</script> <script src=""></script>
            And then using this code to display it.

            HTML Code:
            <p data-shoutcast-value="songtitle"></p>
            So is it just a matter of using this method and calling all the correct fields?

            And thanks for your patience, I'm trying to learn.


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              i'd missed that you've using Wavestreaming as the host, then yes, the json stuff is applicable for you to try to use. the data available is the same as i'd linked to previously, just the format / access is going to be easier than the xml available from the public v2 DNAS builds (good thing you're using a good hosting provider).
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                Okay, well at least I've got some things in my favor! lol I've contacted Amazon- since my client has an affiliate code already anyway.

                But any suggestions on pulling in album artwork? That's got me slightly perplexed. I don't even know where to start on that. Because i'm fairly sure that's 3rd party and not part of the shoutcast stream to offer that.


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                  unless the source feeding the stream is providing it with the version of the DNAS being used, then correct, it's a 3rd party thing and most likely will need to take the current playing information and use that to base the relevant query for things (not really an area i've dabbled in so i'm not the best one to say).

                  if the source is providing it (which is generally limited to the v2 Source DSP at the moment i believe), then /streamart?sid=x and /playingart?sid=x should (if present) provide the currently known stream branding and now playing artwork (respectively).

                  though i suspect you'll need to use an external service for getting it.
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                    Well at least I have the bare bones now. I'll have to figure out how I'm getting album art. But thank you guys SO MUCH for taking the time to answer my questions and being so kind. It's very appreciated.


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                      One last question- any chance anyone can recommend a service for pulling artwork? Or how the amazon thing works? I emailed them just to get initial information and the rep seemed to know nothing about using with a live stream.


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                        Both "Amazon" and "iTunes"
                        and one more i just remembered: "LastFM"
                        Do provide scripts that allows afiliates to pull album-art from their base.
                        An afiliate account-code will be neccesary to make it work.

                        You just have to search for those scripts on their websites.

                        Search for "afiliate" , "album art" , scripts either at their websites or even better trough google use these keywords in combination with iTunes,Amazon,LastFM.

                        They should have most album art for a mainstream-station
                        ofcourse the more you are a niche-station the more difficult it will be
                        to find all album you might wanna compare who has the most album-art for your kind of station.

                        As an alternative you could build your own album-art database
                        which wil need you to prepare 1000´s of pics of them
                        and create something that will show any of them depending on what
                        is currently playing.

                        A lot of radio portal APPS (tuneIn radio, streamitall) show albumart also
                        check them to see how they are doing it...try to play your station using one of these
                        to see how much albumart they will show for your genre, see if you can find where they
                        get their albumart from (must be one of the 3 i mentioned above)


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                          If your doing the front-end?

                          Depending on the listener base, have you considered recommending "get marci"

                          Just saying. Theirs a lot of ways it can be displayed. Plus the affiliation links can be added, and theirs tons of content options. It changed a lot from its original state. It even allows users now to create an internal "top 10"

                          See that here:

                          And you will notice the side bar for meta display, which is different from the other output (once again, same get marci account) here:

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                          Lots of content for easy web design on the front end, not to mention he built in his own API for Twitter updates, that's very customizable. I would recommend it for a client if I was in your position. Just a thought.
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                            Allthough "Get Marci" appears to be the most complete if not
                            the only 3rd party that produces such service...its stil not ideal (to me)
                            The "not ideal" is cause you are depending on others. (including technical)
                            The monthly fee (its not high)..but its more stuff the think of every month.

                            If i think how they did it could be that they themselves have one single account
                            with Amazon or iTunes and redistribute/use that to serve 10´s / 100´s of others who dont have an account with them...i´m not saying that that is how they do it
                            but if they do it might be tricky.

                            Maybe all above is just fine..but i myself would prefer to pay one time
                            for a script or i can reduce dependency on others.


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                              Metadata for Shoutcast Audio Stream

                              iam trying to get metadata in my audio stream but something gos wrong,

                              Iam using the HTTP metadata adaptor
                              when i do a HTTP request
                              /update.html?artist=320Doors20Down&title=Kryptonite&album=Kryptonite&duration=3:33&songtype=S&customfield1=213123 ill get a OK response...
                              but i only get the now playing field in my vlc player with the value 3 Doors down - Kryptonite and the customfield1 and album info is missing.

                              my settings are
                              - Converter / Allow scripts in stream / Automatic Data Streaming artist=#artist#&title=Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums - Reply to Topic#&album=#album#&duration=#duration#&buycd=#buycd#&website=#website#&mmss=#mmss#
                              - Server Details / Enable title streaming

                              How can i send the album and customfield1 metadata??