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  • Javascript Player Bug

    In some browsers, when I click to play many of the stations (eg mine which is called RePlayScape) a popup screen indicates "jPlayer_error" and a huge diagnostic text dump. And no sound plays of course. This has been for at least a month now.

    FAILS in...
    Firefox 43.0.1
    Opera 42.0

    WORKS (kind of) in...
    Chrome 56.0

    When I say "kind of" works I mean that it plays but does not show up as as a listener on my admin page (not even in the listener count). Also if I click stop I cannot click play to restart it (unless I play another station first to apparently reset things).

    PS Using Windows 7
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    Might be related to a similar problem that happens in iOS.
    Remixing listener requests of ambient tracks live


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      by the way, you're using a firefox that is almost a year old
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        I recently had a winamp crash and all of my media was removed from winamp. I reloaded all media but now all of my dropdowns beside the "winamp" logo on the top left (file, options, etc.) are gone ..... this prevents me from adding any new media without the "file" dropdown ! Does anybody know how to get these dropdowns back ?


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          STEVEN 2017, this is the shoutcast section of the forums. Try the Winamp section.
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            I think it is because my streams are via DNAS 1.9.8. claim HTML5 requires DNAS v2.
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              The web page still plays DNAS v1 stations despite their bulletin they emailed out. OTOH has just removed v1 stations from their listing//directory/yp (without telling anyone).
              Remixing listener requests of ambient tracks live


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                @sqgl: Hold on, you are bringing different things together. The info of tunein was related to an update of Chrome some weeks ago, which was fixed by the devs some weeks later.

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                Originally Posted by tunein
                With one of Google Chrome's recent updates, streams hosted on Shoutcast v1 servers are no longer compatible with HTML 5 web players.
                You can be listed on tunein without having an authhash for YP. These are different lists. For tunein you need only a stream-url for YP you need the authhash.