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  • Stations in wrong genre

    I was checking out the stations in a certain genre, and almost half of them were playing some other type of music!

    I think there should be something like a "report" button, so these stations can be removed from the wrong category. I wasted so much time going through all those stations......

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    Yes i agree ... and that is because the stations themselves tell shoutcast that they do a certain genre .. and they don't know how to do it correctly ... or they do it on purpose.

    Yes there should be a report button ... cause the correct-genre stations do lose listeners.
    I allways have a few stations listed just above mine ... and they are all NOT in the genre they say they are in ... and most certainly not in mine (correct genre) ... not even close !

    If they would not be listed we would be on or near the top of the list ... which is an achievement ... and its not fair to have bullshit faker stations above me.

    Let me remark that the listing (data) is used by 1000´s of portals and radio-apps , they will take the list order one-on-one from (via the API) ... so your incorrect position and the wrong-genre stations will be spread anmd multiplied worldwide to everythying that plays or lists shoutcast stations ! (you can verify that ) ... DAMN ! ! !

    Unfortunately this forum is dead ...and shoutcast does not care,
    they only want to make money without any support .. Also the idea of them supporting
    currently non-monitizing stations so maybe later these might use their monetizing services
    has not reached their moron heads ... its so stupid ... How would i invest my time and effort
    in a organization that has never (in 10 yrs) given me any support ... it shows they are not reliable ... have the wrong attitude and cannot be trusted !

    Excuse me Mrs Shoutcast staff ... but ..eehh ... you dont get trust or positivity for free.
    you have to earn it and you are losing chances to get more monitizers ... i would have signed up for monetizing a long time ago .. but i don't like your style ... your attitude ... i

    Below my last posting (Nov 2017) about the corrupt listing (no "unique" listeners)
    as you can see ... no official reply in 2 months ... moderators have left the building also grrrrr !

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