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  • Hacker Problems....

    We have had a hacker mess with many of our stuff on our website server and he has the nervous habit of lisenting to the station to annoy our DJs and it has come to the point where we are ready to press charges against him, but he seems to know how to hide his IP Address....I have banner many of them that I know is him, but he seems to keep getting in to listen.

    Can anyone tell me how to flush him out permently?

    Thank You to anyone that can help.

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    You can try putting your DNAS in RIP (reserved IP) mode.

    Are you able to get professional/legal help?

    Please elaborate on "he has the nervous habit of lisenting to the station to annoy our DJs". Many folks consider listeners a 'Good Thing'.


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      Re: Hacker Problems...

      As in he listens to the station to see which DJ is on and then tries to send virus and tries to get into the DNAS to screw it up also.


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        btw how can anybody crack into shoutcast! I heard it could be done! Don't tell me how to do it just tell me is it ezay. Because I had a person threaten us that he was gonna hack our shoutcast. Well since then we changed our password to (noneya) I ain't tell you hehe. No really that ain't the password don't try it stupids.

        But anyways try going to here to find out what provider hes using, since you tell us that you have grabbed his IP's thats simple to use. Plug in the IP and away you go.

        btw what I have learned from that is that someone was listenining to my show from the NASA Ames Reserch Center in California. WEll I hope you catch this guy. YOu can when you find the IP address call the number listed and report to the staff and complain.

        They can then channel propperly and make charges. I hope that helps. Don't you love the erra of WWW?

        Peace and tell us any word on the wearabouts of The Crazy Listener
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          older versions of SHOUTcast were easy to mess with, but the newer ones have no known vulnerabilities that I am aware of. You can still brute force your way in but that is true with any system, just have a really good password and you shouldn't have a problem.
          -Jay | Radio


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            thanks much
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