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    I will create a new internet radio but i don't know how i do it.
    I need help please fast.

    Why i poste this on winamp, i've seen many internet radios, then i opened it and saw it in winamp and so i think our people can help me.

    Please answer in german when it's possible because that's only my school english and I know that's not perfect.

    I thank for all posts or write your informations direct to [email protected]

    Greez Dave

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    [always read the sticky threads first]

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    Check out the Sticky post titled:
    SHOUTcast: Important Info & Answers to FAQs. READ ME!

    Scroll down a bit and look for the section titled:
    How to Setup a Live Audio Stream -> How to set up an Internet Radio station
    How to Setup a Live Audio Stream -> 15 Steps to setting up SHOUTcast

    Additionally, check out these tutorials:

    Please read some polite advice.


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      Not sure if my computer automatically translates german(which i dont htink it does) but just incase he asked nicely to put it in german so I did my best at translating(aka went to online translator)

      Überprüfen Sie aus dem klebrigen betitelten Pfosten: SHOUTcast:
      Wichtiges Info u. Antworten zu den FAQ. GELESEN MIR!

      Scroll hinunter eine Spitze und suchen Sie nach dem betitelten
      Abschnitt: Wie man einen Phasenaudiostrom - >, wie man eine
      Internet-Radiostation aufstellt, wie man einen Phasenaudiostrom
      gründet - > 15 Schritte zu SHOUTcast aufstellen gründet

      Zusätzlich überprüfen Sie aus diesen Tutorials:

      HeatRadios grundlegender Führer zum Tutorial Einstellung der
      Shoutcasting cyphons

      Lesen Sie bitte einige höfliche Ratschläge.


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        This thread in German