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Can connectt to server via

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  • Can connectt to server via

    for some reason, I cant get to my server by the following URL except on the computer I have my shoutcast hooked up too and server running on. How can I access my station on other computers?

    help?!? thanks

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    First, find out your IP at
    Then, take that, and put in in the place of "yourip" in the following address.

    yeah, i'm back.


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      nothing happens...


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        If you use a router, consult the documentation for information on port forwarding.

        If you are behind a firewall, consult the documentation for information on Opening ports 8000 (or your portbase)/8001(your portBase+1)..

        If you are on Windows XP running the internet connection firewall, please consult my How-To:

        How-To:Opening The Required Ports When Using Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall.
        yeah, i'm back.


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          thanks mate,


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            Assuming you've solved the issue, no problem

            If you have any more troubles, feel free to post back, but continue using this thread.
            yeah, i'm back.


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     behind a modem and I went through that oppening port 8000 and 8001 and did it successfully, but its still blocking me. Anymore tips? Thanks


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                Are you using Windows XP?
                That has an internal firewall.
                Either configure it or disable it.

                Does your ISP block ports?

                Check out and see if the reported information there helps.


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                  im on XP Pro, I have firewall on and I allowed ports 8000 and 8001...I even tried it with the firewall off and still a no go

                  I followed that documentation about opening those ports and everything, but on the "cantheygetin.php" link, it says:

         is Closed

                  Reason Given: Connection refused
                  More about this error: This essentially means that the port is open to the internet but has no services associated with it. There is no firewall protection on this port.


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                    If you use a router, consult the documentation for information on port forwarding.


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                      I'm on a modem, not a router....when I go to, it times out and says "page cannot be loaded"

                      if its easier, contact me on msn at: [email protected]


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                        We here at the Winamp forums only provide support via these forums.

                        Please go to, and take that IP address they give there, and format it with the following address.

                        This is would your address:

                        yeah, i'm back.