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  • Server help!

    Hi all,

    i have searched the frums and have only found 1 thread that didnt answer my problem bu came close,

    my server keeps saying server unavailable wen my other dj tries to connect from her computer at home, and i cannot type my station name into the 'station name' in the yp tab ???

    and wots a rip and ban file?

    plz help and thanks in advance


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    RIP=reserved ip
    a table of IP addresses you can add known IP's to that allow access over other IP's connected

    ban file
    if you detect a stream ripper or just want to keep a know IP from connecting to your server add them to your ban file.

    Since you did not give any details as to how your other dj is trying to connect, everything we say is a pure guess, we need more details. What address are they using in their DSP? can the access you admin page?
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      they are connecting using the no-ip address i got, and they are puttin it into their addess bt on the shoutcast source, they are using the admin password i gave them, they can connect once, but then if they need to connect again they cant untill i kill the server.


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        ah cummon guys! really need help! lol