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    anyone here tried other automated software using shoutcast?

    like ,,,
    OTS DJ

    just insterested to know what radio owners find the best automated software?

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    paul..any off them free?


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      no of course not, most cost over £500

      ofcourse there are always ways and means of obtaining such programmes. I dont endorse piracy in any way so i wont disscuss it further but its pretty simple to get hold of them if you think about it


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        sam2 from spacial audio comes highly recommended around these parts
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          You as a broadcaster can make it as expensive as you wish yourself.

          going from Free up to $ 500 or more.

          free solution= winamp + dsp and dnas, winamp plugin for creating playlist.
          (the broadcasting itself isn't free if you want to play copyrighted music depending on the local laws about internet broadcasting)
          latest version of Winamp
          DSP Plug V2.41
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            I'd give my vote to SAM too, it is built specifically for internet broadcasters as apposed to conventional automation for radio stations and therefore it really does fit the bill very well.

            Another you may want to look at is

            Now for the important bit...
            There is no *best* automation software, it is what you find works best for YOU and fits YOUR needs that matters.

            Most of them have free demos, download them give them a really good looking at and take time to learn each one. Then this will help you to decide.

            Asking a question like this is like saying BMW or Mercedes...
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              Im using DRS 2006 Radio Automation Software and that is the best software i have Try. ITS ONLY COAST 69$ Standard Pachead.
              I also forgoat to told you i have tray manny of that Automaiton Software and DRS 2006 is best.


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                i would love to pay for an automation software..however all of my files are wma thus i cant play them off of winamp when i would like to


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                  SAM can play mp3, wma and direct from CD or source. Not sure about DRS but I would suspect it is capable of the same thing.
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                    i use OST and it works fine for me i tried them othere ones they where way to complacated hard to learn
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                      tried sam, otsdj, drs

                      tried to stream soundcard option using virtual dj and bpm studio

                      but came back to using winamp player with a good playlist creator and some plugins (rocksteady,stereoexpander)
                      latest version of Winamp
                      DSP Plug V2.41
                      Language Packs


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                        see..ive tried SAM 2 but i hate it i really do..and all i need is just a simple thing to play them..there encoded so i cant really convert to mp3, so i can have about 0:56:42 of music before it starts


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                          well i have been trying loads over the past 2 week...

                          SAM2 looked great but my machine really struggled to cope with it and tbh its not the worst machine in the world - P4 2ghz, 512 RAM, 180 HD, Win XP

                          and same goes for the RDS2006 that looked just the job, till u start to broadcast and it uses SAM2 technology and everything slows down and the music suffers.

                          OTS DJ was the one i was most impressed with musically, but lack of schedule events for playlist was its downlfall for me

                          Jazler is great audio-wise and Schedule-wise but as one small problem, it doest broadcast, u have to set soundcrd to stereo mix and broadcast via shoutcast plugin in winamp, which defeats the object

                          so the search goes on......


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                            I was finnish set up DRS 2006 Radio Automation software and that is the best software i have try for ewer. It is one thing with the DRS 2006 that is that i can let him play Automation and you can chose how manny songs shut came before Commercial and jingles. her is the Screenshot.
                            Her is a Sreenshot.

                            *link urlified. Change your sig, it's too big as well. -KXRM


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                              next time either post it as an attachment or give a link to your site where you uploaded it,

                              Far too Big!!.
                              latest version of Winamp
                              DSP Plug V2.41
                              Language Packs