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  • Bandwidth problem

    Hi. Hosting my own server, all settings are fine along with the plugin (re-checked many times). A friend connected fine but no bandwidth when I use winamp(recommended) as the input device. After 30seconds or so, the connection will time out, disconnect me & try reconnecting again but this would keep happening over and over again. I then tried using soundcard input and I could see that there was bandwidth, but he could hardly hear what song I was playing and could hear any other sound output from my card. I am using winampv5.09 pls someone help me.

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    Make sure you are playing mp3 files with Winamp. Other files may not be supported, especially wma
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      yup, playing mp3s on winamp but there is no bandwidth


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        I think we have mixed up terms. It's not bandwidth you're having trouble with... it's audio, correct? No sound?
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          Yes, my friend was connected to my server but did not hear anything. I have had no technical difficulties with winamp in the many years I have been using this audioplayer. I have the same exact settings as he does for shoutcast and I could hear the music he was hosting just fine but there is no streaming for me when I try to play music for him. I can hear the music on my comp just great. So when he told me he couldn't hear anything on the other end from my server, I changed the input device from winamp(which was the settings my friend had it at and worked perfectly fine) to soundcard and started seeing file transferring on the sent bytes meter. So I have bandwidth, but he could hardly hear the music. So just wondering if anyone would have any idea why there was no streaming when I was using the settings my friend had no trouble with!


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            Please learn to use paragraphs, there is an enter key on most keyboards.

            So he can't hear the music? Or he can barley hear it?

            I'd say if he's not set to use winamp, he should think about looking in the windows sound mixer and changing some volume levels.
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              I have had many others connecting and trying to listen in also. They told me the same exact problem, that they could hardly hear what music I was playing. In addition to that, they could hear me typing on my keyboard-.-;.


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                sounds to me like the recoding mixer settings have been changed?

                are you streaming from winamp direct or shoutcast soundcard settings? is the mic lock on?

                sounds to me like they can hear the mic, press open mixers on the dsp and you will have all the settings you need

                good luck,
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