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  • buzz on broadcast

    I would like to broadcast a talk radio show from my house. I currently have:
    Roadrunner Broadband Internet Connection
    1 HP Computer to play CD's which is connected on the line out to a Soundcraft Mixing Board (Stereo Line 1). There is also two Sennheiser microphone/headphone combos plugged into the same mixing board (lines 1 & 2). I have the Mix L & R XLR plugs going from the mixing board to a sonic maximizer and then1 Stereo 1/4 inch to Stereo plug going out of the maximizer into the soundcard of a Dell Computer (new) which has the shoutcast/winamp software running on it and is connected to the internet. I get a constant buzz over the broadcast whether I am playing a cd from the computer directly or using the line in. Is there something I am doing incorrectly? Even if I am not playing anything the buzz is still there. You can hear it at any help is appreciated.

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    I hear the buzz - only choice here is to start eliminating those middle pieces. Start with the line-in on the dell. Do you have speakers on the Dell? Can you hear the buzz there? If so, check the sound inputs (Control Panel - Sound - Properties - Recording)
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      i have a "buzz" when i speak but i have 2 mics into a mixer, then from that mixer to my main mixer from there to computer and the mic mixer has a bad cord thats why i have a buzz. im also to cheap to buy another.