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Setting up shoutcast on my server

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  • Setting up shoutcast on my server

    well i been trying for a couple days just dont get it how to set shout cast up on my server.

    Is there some one who can set this up for me...

    I run of of my own server and im tired of pay $25 for 20 listners wehn i can hold alot more on my server . Im useing sam2 to broadcast my music..

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    if it is a webserver the chances are you wont be able to install shoutcast on it,

    do you have ssh /root access to the server as that is what you need for getting it installed?
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      yes i do have root access, i was just trying to install on one of my domains


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        I have no idea how to do this.. looks all liek a foreign language.. im really looking for some one who can do tjhis for me


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          Installing shoutcast server (linux)

          Setting up shoutcast on the server is pretty easy.
          im guessing that this is a linux server

          ssh into the server:

          1. (download shoutcast files to server)

          2. (untar files)
          tar -zxvf shoutcast-1-9-5-linux-glibc6.tar.gz

          3. (rename folder)
          mv shoutcast-1-9-5-linux-glibc6 shoutcast

          4.(remove downloaded file)
          rm shoutcast-1-9-5-linux-glibc6.tar.gz

          5. now you could either ftp into ur server and config sc_serv.conf or use shell editor (pico or nano) depending on the whats install on the box

          pico sc_serv.conf
          nano sc_serv.conf

          6. (edit config)
          Edit sc_serv.conf file as needed

          remore the ; infront of adminpassword and set a password

          7. (save config)
          ctrl-x to save and exit the editor

          8.(start the server)
          ./sc_serv sc_serv.conf

          Hope this helps. good luck


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            Well call me a idiot. but i just dont get it.....


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              I use linux...but all this is very forien to me.. just not famiar with i can not get it going.. i use sam2 to broad cast but i tried to install this and nothing...


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                wel i also use whm and cpanel.. i have no idea how to log in to ftp for the actual server f thats what u mean


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                  I looked all through my whm panle and dont see wwhere my ssl telent is


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                    you can ssh from cpanel, but first u have to make sure ssh is enabled on the account in whm, so login to ur whm click for Manage Shell Access, click enable shell access on the currect account. then. then login to cpanel using that account, and click ssh/shell access then follow the instructions above.


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                      Putty is also a nice ssh client you can use instead of cpanel.


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                        ok got that figured out and a black screen comes up i got logged into that.. really i just rather pay some one ot do this for me..Its like trying to learn spanish in a week


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                          I can do that for you if you like.


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                            I had some one try and they siad my port is blocked.

                            you can contact me on aim or yim realradio187