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  • Problem With Connection To Server


    I have a internet radio with shoutcast server installed into a remote server, the server has Linux operating systems, the shoutcast server works fine I am the DJ from my house, I have a broadband with 200kbps for upload, but some times I have problems with my internet provider in my home, then the shoutcast server continues transmitting audio in a loop and when my connection comes back I cannot connect to the server to continue transmitting because the previous connection is not close and I have to kill manually in admin.cgi page.

    I need if my internet connection fail the server stop broadcast and when my connection comes back the dj can connect automatically.

    I think that problem is from configuration of server.

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    Sounds like a connectivity issue that needs to be addressed by your ISP.
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      Exist any option in the shoutcast server to if the DJ fails the server disconnect and not continue broadcasting the last buffer????


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        Any Answer????? Please help meeeeee!!!


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          This could be the "Auto Dump Source Time" So it's probably set on 0 so the stream stays alive so you will need to kick the source with the "admin" server password.

          also please wait for a reply as this place is run by volenteers and you may wait some time for someone to come and help.

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            This seem be a bug, I not found a solution to this problem


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              I am having the exact same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.