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Relay Server loops stream segment

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  • Relay Server loops stream segment

    I'm running a shoutcast server to stream live audio that is working nicely. I'm also running a shoutcast relay server at a different location to increase the number of listeners that I can have. I am having a strange problem with the relay server. From time to time the relay will stream a loop of audio about a minute long. If you keep listening the stream repeats over and over.

    The only way to fix is to either reboot the relay server or kick the relay connection and let it re-establish. Then it works fine. For a while, maybe days maybe hours...

    BTW source idle time out is set to zero on the relay server.

    Any thoughts? Thanks

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    unfortunately its just a negative of shoutcast, i have not seen this resolved in any other way that you mentioned already
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      Wondering what is your site? I run a station myself and never had this problem of a loop. I would not think it's winamp but your server. Have you tested it with other software? Why are you using a relay server? Is the primary server being used off your system?


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        This does happen sometimes, I think it happens when there is a problem between the two servers that causes them to disconnect from eachother - when they reconnect the relay sometimes gets stuck and the only way to fix it is a reboot.

        I'm not sure if theres really much you can do about this other than make sure that the servers both have a reliable connection.