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  • Local network streaming

    Is it possible to stream on a private network?
    I have a wireless network set up for my entire appartment complex, is it possible to stream to just the network and not on shoutcast online?

    I havnt found any links as to how to set that up....

    Edit: How would people connect ect ect....

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    If you don't "make this server public" in the DSP it will not be listed in the YP but still be available to the internet by IP if you config port forwarding -- so if you don't config port forwarding on your router, the server will only be available on the wLAN -- you would have to give the LAN listeners the correct link[/listen.pls] which would have the LAN IP and port of your DNAS -- you can do this via a local http page, the DNAS index.html, or just send them the links in an email.
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      so I dont config my port forwarding,
      and it would be the ip my router assigns me /listen.pls line?
      sorry im kinda new to it...
      so basicly Ive never done a link I have used shoutcast listings for people to connect to... Is there a link on how to make a link for /listen.pls?
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        Before you start doing anything too complicated...

        If you have a LAN in place, the DNAS will be available to any listeners on the LAN if you do nothing -- making the server private only prevents the DNAS server from being listed in the SHOUTcast directory -- if you have already configured port forwarding, leave it alone.

        LAN listeners should use the LAN IP of your DNAS -- use ipconfig /all from a DOS window, or view the connection properties for the DNAS server's Ethernet interface to get the IP.

        Once again, if you already have port forwarding configured, the router's WAN IP may work (on most routers it will not), but it is not the most reliable way, and causes some routers to lockup.

        If the DHCP server in the router is assigning the DNAS server an IP -- you should realize that in this case the IP that the server gets (and the IP that your listeners need to use to listen) can be different everytime the DNAS is restarted -- so you will either hav eto monitor the IP and send an update to your listeners everytime it changes, or configure the DNAS box with a static IP so that your listeners will always know how to find the stream -- btw, a static IP on the DNAS box is also required for port forwarding to work properly.
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          Thank you very much...
          It will take some time to wrap my head around that but I think I understand...
          If I set my router to give the mac address the same IP every time will that work? Or am I missing your point.


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            That's exactly correct. Some DHCP servers can reserve IPs by MAC address. It makes it easy to assign a consistent IP to PCs on your LAN.

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              Its already done, because I share the wLAN. I had to set up the port forwarding for shoutcast, but when I turned off my computer and came back later the ip changed and it was given to someone else so I was getting nak errors or shoutcast can not see your ip...
              so mac id on my streaming computer is always the same.
              Im not as stupid as I thought..Woot for changing and playing with random setting till you get something right and learn something!!!
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                So, I tryed to get that to work..
                When the address (my IP designated by the router) /listen.pls

                It says the server is taking to long to respond... is there something Im doing wrong?


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                  streaming over a LAN


                  First Post! Winamp rocks, been using it since 1996 I think.

                  Anyway, this is my first time setting up the Shoutcast, and I have it working over the LAN. Not too difficult, but I can't seem to find a way to adjust the buffers correctly.

                  On the receiving client, the DirectSound output settings, I have reduced the buffer to 200 ms, but upon re-sync'ng to the Shoutcast server, it is getting more than 200ms. Sometimes up to 10 seconds.

                  On the server, I can't find a setting for the buffer. Also, on the source computer using the ShoutCast Source DSP, I don't see anything there to adjust the buffer in the GUI. Is there a config file edit somewhere?

                  Finally, I opened the config files and didn't see it there either.

                  I'm trying to use 4 computers in a large house to get the same much in all 4 rooms with little delay. I think the buffer is key.


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                    SHOUTcast isn't real time, SHOUTcast isn't designed to be real time, SHOUTcast will NEVER be real-time.

                    There is buffering in both the client and server. And two clients buffer are probably not gonna be at exactly the same point.
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