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"Tune In" Button goes to wrong IP

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  • "Tune In" Button goes to wrong IP

    Hello, I'm about 95% done setting up my shoutcast server

    I have a laptop behind a vonage wireless router.

    My laptop has been assigned an IP by the router-

    But my public IP address is, and anytime someone clicks on my "tune in" button when they search on Shoutcast, they are sent to the IP address

    But when I give them the they can tune in with no issues

    How do I change the "tune in" button on the shoutcast website to go to the correct IP address? Or do I need to do some more port forwarding

    It's "TechPB Paintball Radio" when you search. Thanks for the help!!

  • #2`s stations list lists only the public (72.*.*.*) ip address.
    The 192.168.*.* is a private ip address which is not reachable via the internet. therefore this ip address isn`t used.

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      They will not be able to hear with the 192.... address as that is only of use to you,

      Everyone needs your external address as listed in the yp and you cannot change it in the directory.

      Server works fine here.

      Server Status: Server is currently up and public.
      Stream Status: Stream is up at 40 kbps with 3 of 10 listeners (3 unique)
      Listener Peak: 5
      Average Listen Time: 6m 00s
      Stream Title: TechPB Paintball Shoutcast Test Server
      Content Type: audio/mpeg
      Stream Genre: Misc
      Stream URL:
      Stream AIM: N/A
      Stream IRC: #shoutcast
      Current Song:
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        yes works fine.
        So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.


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          same here in germany :-)

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            I just gotta say that you to everyone for helping out

            I'm a moron, after I read everyone's kind posts I realized that I can't catch the stream because I'm behind the router

            This is why you shouldn't pound 4 energy drinks, and work nonstop for 24 hours trying to put your first shoutcast server up, then ask silly questions

            You guys are really wonderful, seriously I appreciate your kind support!!!!!

            Thanks again for everyone's help!! My first shoutcast server works perfectly!! w000 h000!!


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              Edited By Jkey: > removed double post you need to cut down on
              those energy drinks

              Glad we could help.