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Setting Up A Massive Radio Station With Multiple DJs

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  • Setting Up A Massive Radio Station With Multiple DJs

    Ok, well...It's not that massive but I can't find anything tutorials or 'how-to's on how to properly run this setup.

    Let me first start out by telling you what I have done & purchased.

    -VPS (Virtual Private Server)
    -WHMSonic Shoutcast Admin Pro
    -SAM Broadcaster 4
    -Desktop computer that runs SAM 24/7 (MP3s are located on the local drive)

    I have setup my server, WHMSonic Shoutcast is installed & I have even been broadcasting for a few days now ( )

    My goal is to have multiple DJ's broadcast under my umbrella (using my stream The DJs will be broadcasting at their own location. i.e. Mon: DJ Daz 10-2, Tues DJ G 10-2.

    Worst scenario would be to give them all a copy of SAM Broadcaster and my credentials and have to manually stop my connection that plays MP3s before they go live.

    Best scenario would be my computer playing the MP3s and detects and fades out when they connect to go live.

    With all that said...If anyone has setup up something like this using my hardware & software, please let me know the direction I should go...If I am doing something wrong please tell me.

    Thanks a bunch folks, much appreciated!

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    There are several ways to get this done. One suggestion would be to run an instance of Shoutcast on the computer you use to run SAM Broadcaster. DJs connect to *that* server. With a PAL script, you could sense when the server is active and fade SAM to play from the server instead of MP3.

    DJ -> Shoutcast Local -> SAM -> Broadcast
    MP3 Files -> SAM -> Broadcast

    Advantages include not having to share your broadcast password with anyone, the ability to kick a DJ or change the local password, etc.

    Disadvantages include the fact that you'd be transcoding, so a slight drop in audio quality. But if your DOWNLOAD speed to your PC is good, you could have DJs stream at 192kbps to your machine and the transcoding quality loss would be almost unnoticable to the listener.

    Like I said, many ways to get this done. I offer the above as one option.
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      Doesn't SCtrans2 beta offer some kind of support for this? There is a thread in the Discussions forum that you might want to read through.
      Your mileage may vary!


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        Thank you for the prompt response guys!

        This is a solution that I might have uncovered but still would like your professional opinion on it.

        With WHMSonic Shoutcast, there is a tool inside called Auto DJ. This can run mp3's all day located on the VPS. Once you set that up you can create a DJ profile in the DJ Manager panel.

        This will create another port & password that they can access via SAM Broadcaster or Winamp. The good thing about this is that it will fade out the automated playlist and start to stream from SAM Broadcaster.

        However I noticed the iTunes buffering a lot more when streaming through the port that the DJ Manager produced.

        Have you all noticed this? I am sure there are limitations with this that I have yet to uncover.

        Anyone have any tips, tricks or how to decrease buffering time?


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          Buffering as in the delay between live and listen stream?

          If so consider that the receiving software needs to have a decent buffer to make sure that the stream can get pushed back out the main port, plus the buffer from the player to make sure that it can keep a constant program. Add the two together and you could have 20 to 30 seconds of delay. I don't know if I would even search for a solution and just let the applications do their thing.

          And all this is a guess since I don't run that software.
          Your mileage may vary!


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            What kind of setup do you have?



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              Mine is always live from the mixer (studio), never a remote DJ. We have about 10 seconds delay on our stream which is the default buffer for most players.
              Your mileage may vary!