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Desperately Need Playlist (.ist) Help

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  • Desperately Need Playlist (.ist) Help

    Im not a computer nerd. I have a mac. I cant deal with this stuff. Call me retarded and assume i have the competency on a 5 year old on the subject. So here's the issue...

    I have everything set. Took me 3 days to sort through all the BS that is involved with setting up this unbelievably time wasting and exhausting process. 1 Last thing remains: setting up the playlist.


    1. What exactly am i suppose to put in the sc_trans.conf under the playlist section, because the description does a really crappy job of explaining.

    2. How do i make my .ist playlist, assuming i just stick with the that they give u standard. ( im talking word for word explanation here, photos would help too if anyone can do a screenshot, trust me i found out i'm one of many pple who are iffy on this subject.)

    3. Please send me 500000000 screenshots. As i said im no computer whiz and am prone to making the dumbest errors so please if anyone can solve this problem you would be helping a large community.