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broadcasting traktor to shoutcast with correct metadata

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  • broadcasting traktor to shoutcast with correct metadata


    I've gone through so many threads trying to find an answer to this but I can't seem to find a good answer so hopefully creating my own thread will get me one!

    Basically I currently broadcast from Traktor to shoutcast via icecast. I do this by relaying the traktor stream via icecast locally. I can then open the stream created by icecast in winamp and broadcast it via the shoutcast dsp plugin. It works fine except I want to be able to edit the metadata. At the moment icecast only relays the song titles so when I broadcast people tuning in can only see the track names. Ideally I would like it to relay my DJ Name and then the track title, something like this 'DJ Nutman on DB9Radio - Artist - Track Title'... I just can't work out how to add to the metadata.

    From what I've been reading I'm not sure if Icecast can do this. Can any method fix this?

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    Short answer:

    Long Answer:
    Create a script writen in a programming language you can use
    parse the icecast metadata and let the script send an adjusted version to your dnas.
    Ensure title updates are disabled in the dsp plugin.
    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.


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      If you search the discussions forum I believe you will find a script that does this for you. If not, search beatport's archives; they have one as well.
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        Finally worked out a workaround for this. Here it is:

        Re-Tag your mp3s to the name of your show. lol. When I do a mix I pull tracks from all over my collection so generally I'll copy the files into a 'mix' folder. Then I put them into Foobar (my media player), and using the masstagger plugin, add my DJ name / show name to the start of the artist field on all the tracks. This will not only assure you have your DJ/show name on there all the time, the track names will get broadcast too.

        To do this in the masstagger follow these instructions:
        Add -> Format Value From Other Fields -> Select Artist Field -> Input: DJ name / show - %artist%

        I tried doing this with other taggers first (to avoid people needing to use Foobar if they didn't want to), but I couldn't find one.

        Now when you pick up the stream in winamp it'll be exactly how you want it, and therefore broadcast how you want it

        Obviously I wouldn't advise doing this to the tracks in your collection, only copies of the files you have pulled out for the mix you're doing.