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Probably a very easy question! Server won't start!

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  • Probably a very easy question! Server won't start!

    Just downloaded the new server and everytime I start it a black screen pops up for about half a second before dissapearing. Then nothing happens. It reads:

    2010-12-30 23:32:45 I msg: [SHOUTcast] DNAS/win32 v b
    <Dec 13 2010> starting up...
    2010-12-30 23:32:45 I msg: [MAIN] PID: 300
    2010-12-30 23:32:45 E msg: [MAIN] No config file passed
    2010-12-30 23:32:45 I msg: [MAIN] Terminating sources
    2010-12-30 23:32:45 I msg: [MAIN] Waiting for final YP remsrvs
    2010-12-30 23:32:45 I msg: [MAIN] Runner shutdown
    2010-12-30 23:32:45 I msg: <***> Logger shutdown

    I'm an absoloute begginer so please be patient!

    I'll be over the moon if I can fix this, thanks guys.

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    you probably didn't include the config file or you probably screwed up in it somewhere. I think it's the earlier. specify where your config file is.


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      Do i need to use the config file from the first version of the server? The config files that I have that came with the second version of the server are:


      Should I have any other config files? Thanks


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        You're using the second version, right? You need to open up the sc_serv_basic and fill in your information regarding port numbers and such. To register your server with, open up sc_serv_public and apply your key in there.

        After you've finished applying your info, go ahead and include your configuration file with your server launch file. If you only filled out the sc_serv_basic file, then include that only. If you filled both the basic and public files, then only include the public file.

        I'm not sure how to initiate the command for launching the server with a config file, since I specialize in the linux area.

        I hope this helped.


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          rapidalbinopoker: the v2 tools are all comand-line based so you'll need to open a command prompt in the folder and then enter sc_serv conf_file (where conf_file is the path of the file you want to use - if it's not in the same folder as sc_serv.exe then you have to specify a fullpath instead of just the filename).

          i would suggest finding a guide which you can follow and understand on using the command-line so you're happy using it before starting to use the current SC tools as they are heavily based on running from the command-line (is no more than the older v1 DNAS on windows did but without a wrapper around it).

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