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sc_trans2 playlist reading content of a directory

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  • sc_trans2 playlist reading content of a directory

    is it possible to write one path in the playlist file for all audio files of a directory?




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    Unfortunately, no. Everything must be full path to the audio file.
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      wildcards are supported in the playlist entries though it will not do a full recursive lookup of a folder (though have considered if that would be a good thing to add into sc_trans or not).

      so /home/shoutcast/sc_trans/music/*.mp3 would just find any mp3 files in the 'music' folder but if there is a folder in the 'music' folder then that will not be looked in.

      this is briefly mentioned in sc_trans.txt - section 7.0 from the current sc_trans drop though i'll add an additional note for the next drop to clearly state it won't recurse into any folders.

      7.0 Playlists Support

      The transcoder supports a playlist file to specify the file(s) to use when it is working
      and is a file with the .lst extension with one file per line. The file may be encoded in
      UTF-8 to allow for the support of non-english filenames, etc.

      Lines in the playlist beginning with a # will be ignored which allows you to disable a
      specific file or script in the playlist or comments on what is done.

      The playlist file will be processed until the end of the file is reached or until the
      parser comes across a line containing ###!EOF is detected.

      With versions of sc_trans prior to those from the end of 2010 there was a need to have a
      line break after the last entry in the playlist for them to be correctly recognised. This
      is no longer a requirement of the playlist format.

      Wildcards are supported in the processing of the folder contents though this will not do
      a recursion of any sub-folders within the specified folder

      This will only find mp3 files in the 'music' folder and will not look in any sub-folders
      which may be inside the 'music' folder. For sub-folders to be included then you will need
      to explicitly specify the sub-folder for it to be recognised by the playlist loader.

      Additionally these entries can be intermixed with regular explicit entries

      7.1 Supported Playlist Formats

      The transcoder supports the following playlist file formats though is limited to use only
      the filepaths from the playlist formats which also provide additional title / metadata
      information in them:

      Plain text file - this is the equivalent of a commentless M3U / M3U8 file
      M3U8 (UTF-8 encoded version of the M3U format)

      If a loaded playlist contains any entries with wildcards in them then the playlist loader
      will only attempt to find the matching files in the base folder specified and will not
      recurse into any sub-folders found. This is different to how Winamp for example (and any
      other programs) handles the loading of such entries where it would then recurse through
      any sub-folders found. This behaviour may change at a future time but is not guaranteed.
      i've pasted the updated version of the documentation i've now done for the next drop with the inclusion of information about the supported playlist formats and also about the recursion only being in the local folder and not inside of any sub-folders. hopefully that clarifies things a bit better.

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