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  • sc_trans webmanager, monitoring, calendar...

    Hello everyone!

    I've just started using sc_trans (running under Ubuntu 10.04) and I have some questions about it:
    • Is there a web manager for sc_trans 2 beta drop 6? Or something similar to manage and configure sc_trans parameters without accesing to the server itself.
    • I would like to monitor the sc_trans process, so if there's an error I can know it at the moment. How could I do that?
    • I'm using the aacp encoder, and I can hear some clics (not very often) in the received stream, so I'm wondering if that could be a problem of the encoder or what...
    • Do you know any sc_trans guide that I can read? And a calendar.xml guide? I don't know how to work with the calendar...

    Thank you!!


  • #2 has links to all of the available docs for the current version of sc_trans (beta drop 6 is an old version now).

    there is in the current version the 'testui' folder which is an example of the ajax api though it only seems to work in firefox and has some quirks so is more there as an example for using the api's rather something proper (as it currently stands).

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      Hello again!

      After some days looking for a solution to my problems, I couldn't find more than simple linux scripts used for sc_trans v1.

      I couldn't find any web interface (apart from the testui that comes with sc_trans 2). I would like a web interface to handle with calendar: I need to load a new playlist every day with the format 2011-01-21.m3u (for example) and I would like to do it automatically. Futhermore, I would like to monitor the sc_trans process and if there's and error, or it crashes, the system will send me an email or a msn message, and it will recover automatically.

      So I don't know if that's possible. The only solutions I could find to these problems are for sc_trans 1 by using scripts:
      -For changing the playlist every day: rename the playlist and kill -USR1 $PID with cron at midnight.
      -For monitoring the sc_trans process: listening to the audio stream each 5 minutes and if there's a big silence, then restart the sc_trans process.

      But I couldn't find anything for sc_trans version 2. The perfect solution I think is to use a web interface to manage the process from everywhere, handling automatically the playlists every day and loading them, as well as monitoring it.

      If you just know anything that could help me I'll be very thankfull...

      Futhermore, I don't know how to use the calendar in sc_trans v2... even after reading the documentation (can the calendar be only changed at the running time using ajax or what? could I use a script?). Could I use the calendar for my purpose?

      Thank you!



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        testui shows all of the web/ajax commands which can be used to control it which includes the ability to add / remove playlist and calender events. but testui is just to show how the apis can be used and isn't really intended as a complete working setup but something to modify to your own needs.

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