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What Is Stream ID?

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  • What Is Stream ID?

    I just downloaded the latest version of ShoutCast and see a new box on the Output Tab. It is labeled Stream ID and has the number 1 in it. I am broadcasting using two encoders--one for stereo high speed and one for lower speed mono. Do I need to have different numbers in the Stream ID box, or do I just leave the 1 in both boxes?

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    Stream IDs

    The Stream ID in the DSP correlates to the stream id for each endpoint setup in the DNAS. Each endpoint has it's own stream id and the DSP specifies which stream id is intended to be connected to from each encoder to the DNAS so they do need to be different if the DNAS has requirestreamconfigs=1. If using the config builder the stream id's are not readily apparent as it assigns the stream id automatically for each endpoint starting with 1 and each successive endpoint configured with the stream id incremented by 1 from the previous one.

    Note: Stream IDs are numerical only and are 1 [indexed] (meaning they start with 1, not 0, and if a stream id is specified as 0 it is treated as 1.

    If you look at the config builder (the current version as of this post) heading for each endpoint configuration you will see the header of it says "Endpoint #1" and the next "Endpoint #2", and the next so on and so forth. There's your stream ids.
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      Sorry, I don't understand

      Thinktink, thanks for your reply, but I have absolutely no idea what you said. I am not our station's IT developer, just a DJ who needs to connect to the server we use. I have no clue what a DNAS is. I enter one port number for encoder one, and another for encoder two, and somehow (along with other info like URLs and a password) they magically connect. LOL.

      So, I go back to my question. Do I need to put a different number in one of these boxes, or is it ok to have both of them (in each encoder setup) be the number 1?


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        i'd say you need to check the legacy option for each of the outputs you're running from the DSP and ignore the stream id unless the SC server you're connecting to has been upgraded to use the v2 version and then you'd need to check with your IT dept / whoever is responsible for running the SC server for details on the stream id's needed.

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          Thanks, will ignore it

          I am sure the server we are using has not updated, since I needed to check the box for v1 legacy in order to connect. So, I will ignore the input box when I try connecting with both encoders and see what happens. If I do not reply here again, it means that it worked by leaving them alone. Thanks!