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  • Broadcasting Problems

    I searched on here to see if anyone else had the same problems as me, but couldn't find anything.'s whatz going on. Downloaded everything needed to start broadcasting, went and got a basic license for $5.00, and talked to my net provider to help get me connected since I was having a problem there with (YP2 error code 480 - unable to connect). Now I have the issue of (YP2 error code 470 - Invalid Authorization hash).
    I have a feeling it's either I have the .conf file configured wrong, or I'm missing something needed. Cause I've went through the "Getting Started" Wiki and just can't get the YP2 to recognize my feed so I have no errors. O, and it also states I'm missing /yp/resp/updatefreq.
    Any help with getting me broadcasting would be appreciated. TY

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    see for the details you'll need to pm me to get an authhash.

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      ok, tyvm.


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        pm replied to

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          Well hate to say this, but I got another problem now. lol It's connecting ok, but now somethings creating an error for the server so it aborts the connection and keeps trying to reconnect. I'll post the line code below.


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            Connection Issues

            Here is the code it's giving me:

            2011-06-05 11:40:23 I msg:[DST ***.***.***.***:***** sid=1] SHOUTcast1 client connection accepted. ultravox metadata puller
            2011-06-05 11:40:24 E msg:[ || ] Socket error while waiting to send data. err=Software caused connection abort.(10053)
            2011-06-05 11:40:24 I msg:[ || ] SHOUTcast1 client connection closed (# seconds) [Bytes: 16384] Agent: 'ultravox metadata puller'
            2011-06-05 11:40:27 I msg:[YP2] connecting to

            And then this just keeps repeating but with a different socket number each time. Any idea what is going on here?


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              is to do with i.e. is from the SHOUTcast site.

              from a quick look, you've not got a source connected to the DNAS at the moment though the YP is still showing a listing for the stream (should disappear in a few minutes unless you re-connect a source to the DNAS).

              from what i've seen commented on elsewhere, it's likely that is why it kept trying to connect as it's not getting the title information it expects but the DNAS is still there for it to try to connect to.

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