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    (Listing Status: Stream is currently up but requires registration in the SHOUTcast Directory.
    Listeners are allowed and the stream will act like it is private until resolved.)

    i have a authash code, but it says this site is not privet history time is 2 hours later i cant register this root server time is good


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      I need to edit the stream name in my Autohash How can I do this? I have looked everywhere an cannot find anything new about how to edit or change the name.


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        I'm looking and extra urgent help here please. I'm trying to log into shoutcast server but is not allowing me to do so. I'm using same username and password from centova cast but it keeps on saying that needs to be idetified..
        I need to put server online in terms to start streaming but I apparently cannot do it until I create an Authhash by logging into server. BUT I CANT LOG IN!!!!
        Thanks heaps any live saver over here... Shoutcast does not have any support line or chat that could answer before a month has passed!


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          Originally Posted by robertroos View Post
          I've just downloaded and installed the latest DNAS version and managed to setup a two stream configuration. Both streams seem to work and are correctly listed in the Shoutcast directory. But One of the two stream produces an error:

          (!)Please Register Your Authhash

          If I click on manage authash the hash code is correct and resembles string on the management website. Somehow it doesn't register correctly. The other stream seems to be fine. Don't know what the cause is of this issue?
          Everytime I tried to create the Authhash it keep giving me a box that would ask me to open a username and password. What to do in this case?


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            I sent an email to [email protected] to change the name of our radio station in the authhash. Could a support dude take a look in the mailbox

            Thanks in advance

            oh and by the way, station name DeepFM -> Deep Radio
            Deep Radio - We are Dance! - 24x7 dance, house, techno and chill music -


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              New Version

              I must say there is not good help on getting a new server up or upgrading... This forum was geeky and not helpful. The old way where you had a ini file that you just edited and ran was simple. The new way need to be documented down to a 1,2,3 step with examples. At lease this geek had trouble. After 3 days I am back broadcasting and in the directory... Hope it gets better, and Stays Alive,, still scared that the whole thing will be dropped


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                I dont get this

                Each time i click the "Creat Auth Hash" button it takes me to my server information where i can add the country, genres, name, web adress and so on but theres no actual PLACE to see the auth hash
                I need to PASTE the code into my server administrator page but its not showing me WHAT the code is.

                Where is everyone seeing their Authhas code?


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                  There is NOTHING on this page that tells how to MAKE an Auth Hash
                  There is NOTHIHG on this page SHOWING the Auth Hash
                  There is NOTHING on this page stating that i am missing information
                  There is EVERYTHING on this page stating my station is working

                  See attached
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                    Hello, AntiFM
                    For the looks of it, you created your radio control panel using SHOUTcast Streaming Service instead of DNAS, so it spits a server to connect to instead of your DNAS. Don't worry, I did that too on my first (and second) attempt(s).

                    When you signed up to RMO, it made you choose between these two options:

                    SHOUTcast Streaming Service --- blue square on the left
                    SHOUTcast (DNAS) --- green square on the right <-- correct choice for you since you have your DNAS server.

                    Now try this from the RMO CP (Radio Manager Online Control Panel):
                    -- Create a new radio from the top left
                    -- Choose DNAS on the green right square
                    -- Fill in the details
                    -- Grab your "authhash"
                    -- Rock n roll.

                    Hope it helps.-
                    I have no ties to Radionomy/TargetSpot in any way. My posts/replies are my own so any advice I can give, try at your own risk.
                    KDPST - Keijo Grooving Moods -- (Where Music Is Your Mood) --


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                      Update Authhash Resulting in Error 465

                      I'm attempting to update my station's genre and website fields.

                      The error I'm getting is:

                      Error Code: 465.
                      Required parameter missing for registration.
                      [genre is a required parameter]

                      I"m running the DNAS as: SHOUTcast Server v2.4.7.256/posix(linux x86)
                      My streaming service is "myradiostream" so I'm do not know how to update the server to the newer version

                      My browser is Firefox 54.0.1

                      I would like to change the website to
                      I would like to change the genre to DECADES >> 80s

                      Many thanks for your help.
                      PS - will I get notified when you reply to this note?


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                        Authhash updated :-)

                        Playlist | Twitter | Albums


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                          Please Register Your Authhash!

                          Can anyone help please..

                          I have 3 Shoutcast 2 streams running: SHOUTcast Server v2.5.1.724/win32

                          I have a registered authhash, the same for all 3 streams but only 1 shows on directory.

                          In the admin panel of all 3 streams it says 'Please Register Your Authhash'

                          I have gone through the update process and saved it and confirmed it's registered.

                          Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong please.

                          Shoutcast 1 was so much easier than this..
                          Go easy on me...


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                            each stream that has a unique source/bitrate should have a unique authhash. so you should register an authhash for each dnas stream.

                            each authhash indicates a directory entry.
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                              I Am Waiting For The Email To Verify My Account To Be Sent, Yes I checked Spam

                              I Am Waiting For The Email To Verify My Account To Be Sent, Yes I checked Spam


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                                Originally Posted by djSpinnerCee View Post
                                each stream that has a unique source/bitrate should have a unique authhash. so you should register an authhash for each dnas stream.

                                each authhash indicates a directory entry.
                                ive actually been using the same authhash for all my streams without any problems

                                see attached screenshot...

                                positions in the list

                                and the last 2
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