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Switching computers from 7 to xp/SET-UP CPMPLETELY DIFFERENT

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  • Switching computers from 7 to xp/SET-UP CPMPLETELY DIFFERENT

    IT'S AN EMERGENCY......not station is up and running and life is beautiful, BUT...I would like my main DV8000 laptop back. I am running windows 7 and streaming my station (wireless) perfectly. I have an older HP Latitude C840 running XP hardwired (cat5) and I want to dedicate it exclusively to the station. Here's my problem:

    I found it relatively easy to approach the set-up process with the Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source screen which comes up automatically on startup or ctrl/alt/n for a new application of winamp on my windows 7 laptop, BUT I cannot find one on my XP install anywhere. Where can I set up the URL OUTPUT/ AUTO CONNECT IN YELLOW PAGES AND INPUT IP/PORT/STREAM NUMBER/USER ID AND PASSWORD? I can switch machines. Both are the same versions (5.621) of winamp and the same plug-ins. The only thing changed is the version of windows I am running and the fact I am direct in on the XP and wireless in Windows 7.

    I am a command prompt MORON.


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    I have no idea about shout cast and no idea what you are asking in your question.

    BUT... I do know where Winamp stashes all of its settings.

    Press START and click into the search box of Windows 7 or open RUN... on XP.
    Type %APPDATA% and press ENTER.
    Now look for the WINAMP folder. This is where all the settings are.

    This trick takes you directly to the hidden folders of user settings without having to change any settings.

    The actual file paths are:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Winamp\

    Back everything up on the Win7 PC using the Winamp Backup Tool (found in this forum)

    Then take those backed up files and transfer them to your XP PC. Copy them into the above named locations. It should pick up the settings, but there are some paths that may need to be modified. (Check the Backup Tool thread as I know there was some talk about making that tool a migration tool as well... don't know if that has been completed)
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