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n00b alert: Shoutcast broadcast playback feature?

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  • n00b alert: Shoutcast broadcast playback feature?

    Hi all,

    I've had a shoutcast server set up with centovacast as the control panel - is there a feature that can be enabled that allows playback to be initiated with an overlap, rather than crossfade on AutoDJ?

    the reason i ask is it's fine to crossfade some tracks, but sometimes you need audio to just come in without being faded in e.g. an advert!

    any thoughts?

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      replies can take up to a few days to come, if at all (as bumping a thread in 17hrs isn't approprate - maybe if there was nothing after 2 days).

      anyway, unless you're using sc_trans with centovacast (which to my knowledge doesn't support the v2 sc_trans), you'd really need to ask them since it's not software which is supported by this forum (only really for the officially provided SHOUTcast tools).

      and if you are referring to using sc_trans, then there is currently no feature which will do that with the provided version (is noted on the requested features for it, but as centovacast doesn't even support the v2 sc_trans, it's a moot point).

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        Thanks for the advice DrO - apologies for the lack of forum etiquette shown there; in hindsight it was a bit impatient. I've rented a shoutcast/centovacast setup for a month to try it out as an alternative to a SAM broadcaster VPS-based solution (costs, stability, cpu etc)..