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allow shoutcast stream into walled garden

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  • allow shoutcast stream into walled garden

    I am the administrator of a small municipal wi-fi system. Until users are authenticated they only have access to a walled garden of sites. I would like to add the option of a shoutcast stream, but I cannot seem to open the garden to the proper domains.

    The stream in particular I am working with is La Mexicana 1410 AM. The stream seems to emanate from The domain resolves to an subdomain (pointing to some AOL entertainment domains). I have opened access to,,, and all

    I am still unable to get the shoutcast flash player to load. What I am looking for is a list of possible sites to add to my whitelist so that my unauthenticated users can listen to a bit of music. Hostnames or ip are what I need, ports are not material; opening a hostname/ip allows access to all sites served by a shared web-host.

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    the source url for the player is ... you only mention - yet you mention "all"

    also, your "garden", do you need to specify which ports are allowed ... that stream, for example, uses port 5697
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      the simplest option would be to just ignore and just provide the direct link to the DNAS's listen.pls link and do it that way. since if you're trying to control user access, you've already got people on the site so embedding things from the SHOUTcast site just seems a bit excessive (and due to the changing nature of some of the backend urls, etc you'd probably get it white listed and then it'd fail a while later).
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