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This thing is straight crap - i feel sorry for the next guy!

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  • This thing is straight crap - i feel sorry for the next guy!

    Seriously, the thing doesn't tell you how to install and configure it. There's absolutely no info. Oh, and good luck getting someone here to help you -- How could they, they don't know themselves, lmao... I've seen a post here with 365,000+ views with ZERO reply... wOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm good. It's 2012, I like apps that ARE automated that self-install. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

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    I'll be the first one to disagree. DrO is very helpful when you ask your questions concisely. He helped me fix the radio problem I've been having for the past week. Now I am a happy SHOUTcast user again!


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      good luck getting any help now, jaedee1
      "If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

      So I did


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        and some of us have lives outside of working 24/7 as some users getting things for free expect.

        firstly, all of the documentation on how to run it is at (as well as being included in the installer).

        secondly, you're demanding a reply to an issue 6.5hrs after the first posting on a friday night (ignoring it's the holiday season) and what happened to be posted 3hrs after i'd stopped for the day. replies can take a while to come and really i can think of better things to be doing on a saturday night (especially xmas eve then having to reply to this).

        SHOUTcast has _never_ been about a one-click and go approach - maybe it should be more like that but it's not and you're getting what you get. if you don't like it, fine - no one is going to force you to use it.

        and finally, with the issue you poorly reported in (no OS details & no version of the DNAS - pretty much a post i would generally avoid), a quick google search throws up and an issue with an Intel Wireless driver.

        and i'd love to see the post you're referring to.

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          Actually I think shoutcast is pretty amazing. I don't know half of it and I'm excited to keep learning. If you want a plug and play situation I suggest you go use ustream. Don't go putting down shoutcast because you don't understand it without even researching it. That's like picking up a php book without reading it and saying its stupid because you can't understand it.

          Read, read, ask questions and read some more.


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            In my opinion, it is unfortunate to hear that 'this thing is straight crap." Considering it is a FREE product, it is to be expected that it is not quite a 'turnkey' solution as other software that actually COSTS MONEY. Also, considering the amount of work that people do in this forum, answering the myriad questions posted (thinking DrO) for this free product, and the fact that most issues are covered in a post somewhere in this forum, I think these people are an INVALUABLE ASSET to the community. That said, the install of the sc2 server was not as easy as I would have hoped. However, persistence and dedication helped me to find out how to successfully get a test stream up and running - and the work done by Thinktink on the configure_builder simplified the process of making sure all applicable changes were made to all .conf files. (The biggest issue I had was with my own paranoid browser-security settings and not giving the playlist a the name listen.pls ) So, my response to this thread is that it certainly is not my opinion that winamp/shoucast is crap. I am a noob, but some research of other products has led me to believe that winamp/sc2 is a good choice for me at least. THANKS!


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              the main problem i see is that at the moment there are some issues with setup not being as smooth as it could be (being worked on) and that a lot of people seem to be expect to just click and go (which was effectively possible with the v1 DNAS, but not quite so with the v2 due to the authhash system but then that's there for a reason and with a DNAS without issues in it's handling of that is a hell of a lot smoother to get going with).

              though good point about people complaining in such ways about something they get for free. i've no problem with complaints as long as it provides constructive points on what can help to improve things - just complaining doesn't help in any respect apart from making some people look like fools.

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