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Creating an AAC Mobile relay of MP3 stream

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  • Creating an AAC Mobile relay of MP3 stream

    Hey there!

    This is my first post, so I'll try to be as consice as possible...

    I have a CentovaCast stream that "broadcasts" in 96kbs MP3. It is using the legacy sc_serv v1.

    What I would like to have is a separate SC server, which grabs the MP3 stream, converts it to 48kbs AAC+v2, and streams it on a seperate port, thus creating a "mobile" stream for users of portable devices on a 3G network (i.e me at work XD)

    Is this possible? It MUST be done on a Linux-based VPS. The VPS runs Ubuntu 11.04 x686 if that helps anypony.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    P.S I am already re-streaming manually using my PC to relay, convert and stream the main stream using SAM, but I don't want to leave my PC on 24/7...

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    I guess I should include URLs for the streams I want to use...

    96kbs MP3 Stream (source):
    48kbs AAC Stream (relay): (will be made to when I can figure out how to set up relay)


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      you could use sc_trans (Transcoder) via a relay event to pull the mp3 stream and it'd then transcode to AAC or whatever you want which can then be setup to connect to another DNAS instance.

      the only problem is that sc_trans currently requires you to have a 'main' playlist specified otherwise it is likely to not run (and is sensible to have some sort of playlist specified incase the relaying stream fails). and the transcoded stream will be delayed compared to the mp3 one (but there's not too much which can be done about that).

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        I think I understand you there, but I'm going to need step by step instructions here. Installing CentovaCast was hard enough, even with instructions...


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          i'm pushed for time so i cannot really hand-hold you through the whole process. all i can say is to look at the 'relay' example config file in the sc_trans distribution (after looking at the sc_trans setting of the getting started guide and try to go from there.

          if there are issues then it's easier to help if you've tried to do something and can say what has / hasn't worked, etc (especially as other people can chip in and help out with such things).

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            There doesn't appear to be a relay example configuration included in the distribution.



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              my bad, i confused myself with the DNAS example config. all that's needed is to specify a relay event in the calendar.xml file and that's it (as from

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                Excellent! Thank you!